start Season3/race5

Jyuetsch took the pole for the 5th race of this season with 10 racers at the start.
Mathei started from 9th place and made a perfect start, he could avoid some incidents in the first lap and ended up 2nd after the first lap.

Most of the racers visited the pit lane 2 times. Only Cramer had to visit it only once !
This very excited race resulted into victory for Mathei.
Second place was for Jyuetsch..He drove in the lead until lap 34.
Hanziboy started 6th and was 3rd after T1, dropped back to 5th during the race but could reclaim the last podium position on the 24th lap.

Provisional race result looks like this :

1. [TDRT] S. Mathei
2. Jyuetsch
3. Hanziboy
4. Uni Cramer
5. Gnomie
6. UNI M. Klenke
7. Xtian
8. SLO_Scatter
DNF Dustin Luckenbill (lap 28)
DNF Rasta(lap 11)

Next race on the calendar is the Blackwood GP Rev with the tricky FZ5.

Cu there !


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