Last Sunday we had some nice practice races with 7 pilots.
Especially in the mid field we had nice close battles.
In front we had 3 very fast guys I could not compete with.

On the other hand a lot improved there Pb..
And even then I see a lot of racers having a very different way of taking corners.
I could see some closing on me every time on the same corners
but then I could again increase the gap again also always on the same but other corners.
Put those 2 methods together and you are with the fast cars up front.

It is a very long circuit and we were gone after the third race.
This results in less concentration during the last race and
a lot made more errors then they did before.
To bring more action into play we added
a forced pitstop into the last race.
And 2 fast guys came in to hot so the others could gain 2 places.

So the official races will have them to..
Next Sunday we have 3 X 12 laps with forced pitstop next Sunday.

I still see a lot of racers that have not completed the 20 laps,
try to complete at least those this week !
Again if you are planning of having a practice session this week,
tell this on the forum and others will join you for sure.



We also had very close but fair fights.. here one lap where we show what this
league is all about, Pure race fun ..  No risky business that put others out of
the race.




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