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Last Sunday we had the 6th part of season 4.

Location, the fast Kyoto National.. 4 wheeler .. the FOX.
Race was for 1 hour, no forced pitstop.

Qualify went without incidents and had this result :

1. DNRT.nl             1:40.57
2. Bluebird              1:41.30
3. Xtian                   1:41.66
4. 7Karat towz-T      1:41.78
5. 7Karat Cramer     1:42.27
6. Hanziboy             1:42.83
7. Rasta                   1:43.21
8. SLO_Knuckles      DNQ
9. Sennaboy             DNQ
10. SLO_Scatter       DNQ

So again pole position for DNRT.
Scatter took his penalty from the previous race not to qualify and taking a drive through in Lap 1 of the race.
Sennaboy also did not qualify and SLO_Knuckles arrived too late to put in a hotlap.

Congrats to all racers not to mess up during the first corners of the race.
Some, like Xtian, was to cautious and lost 2 places in T1.
Hanziboy took advantage of this and made it almost impossible for Xtian to pass him again.
The 2 Safety Car procedures we had during the race in combination with traffic made him fall back even more.

In the lead we had DNRT.nl closely followed during the whole race by Bluebird.
Clearly separated, we then had a very close fight between Cramer and towz-T.

Further down we had the close fights of Hanzboy, Xtian, and Rasta.

Sennaboy was gaining fast but then had an engine failure but could rejoin after a few laps.
While unlapping Rasta there was contact and Rasta needed to call for the Safety Car, but
instead of waiting he took a spare car ...  This was against the rules and he was disqualified after the race.

During the Safety Car, Rasta and Sennaboy also continued to unlap and even hit some of the other cars.
After the race Sennaboy was also disqualified by the race directors.

At the back of the field we had SLO_Knuckles and SLO_Scatter fighting not to be last.

Again a nice race with a lot of close action and fair racing most of the time.
The races ended 1 hour later with a very close finish between DNRT and Bluebird. as seen in picture above.

Finish Order

1. DNRT.nl                  Fastest lap 1:40.48
2. Bluebird                   
3. 7Karat Cramer        
4. 7Karat towz-T        
5. Hanziboy                 
6. Xtian                        l
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. SLO_Scatter     
9. Rasta  (DQF)
10. Sennaboy (DQF)

 Next event : FOX on South City Long .... Be there !!!