1.1. Next regulation is obligatory stuff for everyone who wants to participate in the competitions. So if a racer participates this means he understands the rules.
1.2. We try to drive as realistic as possible... this means therefore that you must bring the necessary respect for each other to the track.
1.3. He who participates in the race must know the circuit sufficiently and has driven sufficient laps ONLINE.
1.4. Before the race always read the latest updates on the forum
1.5 For this reason it is also NECESSARY that you create an account on the forum !!
1.6. The races are driven in Private session, all registered participants get the password on time.
1.7. All communication between the participants and the administrator concerning a race happens in the topic of the forum concerning that race. Every complaint and incidents are sent directly to the administrators by e-mail. The forum is NOT the place to do such things.

2. Take part

2.1 You can just take part if you are also registered for the race. Follow these guidelines..
2.2. Every racer chose his own nickname, but MUST preserve that name for the rest of the championship. If you really want to change the alias, you can do so by losing all points earned by the previous alias.
2.3. Maximum number of participants lies for the moment on 32.
2.4. If you are registered for the competition, you should make an effort to participate in as many races as you can.
2.5. Registering for the competition is done by sending an e-mail to one of the administrators. Look for this under the link "registration"
2.6. If you cannot drive for a certain race, please let the admins know. So that other racers can take your place in case of a full server..

3. Power

3.1 Make sure that your system is powerful enough under all circumstances so you can react smoothly in all situations.

4. Which car?

4.1. During a race, only the car that is reserved on the calendar is to be used.
4.2. If there is a choice for more then one car, then both the qualification and the race, must be driven with the same car.

5. The game evening.

5.1 All games are kept on the Sunday evening. Program for a race evening (deviations are placed on the forum):
- 20.30 Start qualification
- Qualification time = time for 3 laps ( one outlap and 2 hotlaps)
- 20.40 Racing Time!!
- total number of laps, or the duration of a race, can be found in the calendar .

6. Game course.

6.1 The server is set with normal weather without wind.
6.2 Automatic clutch, automatic shift, throttle cut, and throttle blip have been permitted. All other appliances are not allowed.
6.3 During the qualification use SHIFT-P as quick as possible after a crash or spin when other racers are near your location, so that you don't mess up their hotlap.
6.4 If you are on an outlap you will never hunt someone down. Therefore stay nicely away from someone in hotlap and keep your distance. Therefore it is also necessary to keep an eye on your mirrors during the outlap or inlap so that you do not disturb anybody on their hotlap.
6.5 All sessions are managed by the admin. Starting, qualification, and race happens by the admin.
6.6 Restarts are never carried out.. So think about that during the start. Heavy errors during the start mostly lead to sanctions!!!
6.7 The Start order is always the result of the qualify session. An exception can be due to a sanction from errors in a previous race.
6.8 Between the qualification and the race we run a lag-lap (more information in point 7) this reduces lag times and improves the start.
6.9 When you get a penalty for a bad start..You have to take this penalty on the next Start/Finish pass!!
6.10 During the qualify session, you may only use SHIFT-P during your outlap. Once you've started your hotlap, or crossed the start and finish line for the first time, you may not use SHIFT-P again to rejoin the qualify session. So using SHIFT-P means the end of your qualify session. If you are in a dangerous place please use SHIFT-S to go into spectator mode.
6.11 A qualify session starts with 1 outlap and ONLY 2 hotlaps. After which you may press Shift-P to return to the box or drive back to the box, but not to compromise another hotlapper.

7. The pitstop

7.1. Pit entry lines maybe crossed when entering the pit except during oval races.
7.2. Don't drive too close to another racer entering pitlane, because you don't know when he will hit the brakes hard to reduce to pit speed.

7.3. You can not overtake in the pitlane.  But you can overtake another driver standing still in the box.
7.4. Drive in the outside (or fast lane) pitlane as long as possible before entering the box, don't drive over all the boxes.  Also when leaving drive as soon as possible towards the  outside (or fast lane) pitlane.
7.5.  When leaving the pitbox watch out for traffic in the pitlane. When they are too close, wait and resume after they have passed you. Again, no overtaking in the pitlane.
7.6.  When you have crossed the pit entrance line and a SC procedure is called, you may resume your normal pit procedure, leave it and rejoin with the racers.
7.7. Watch the pit exit lines during qualify and Races. A 20 second penalty is added to you finish time when you cross them.

8. The race

8.1 The race frequently is decided in the first corner... not by passing in the first corner but by the incidents in the first corner. Those must be avoided at all times!! Keep in mind that tires & brakes are cold, very little downforce because of the driver in front of you, frame rates are at their lowest. Therefore you should pick a brake point much earlier than normal!! It is enormously frustrating for your race to end due to a reckless attempt from another racer to pass you in the first corner. It speaks thus for itself that these actions are watched very carefully by the admin during the replay of the race. The race lasts long enough to be able to prove you as the real winner.
If you take out a car, you wait for it to pass you again and continue your race.
8.3 During passing in a corner, one must watch carefully not to collide with the other racer! Leave sufficient space, and don't cut off the corner when a racer is next to you. For this reason installing LFSRelax is a MUST!! LFSRelax can be found on our Forum.  LFSRelax can also be found here.
8.4 If there is or is not an obligatory Pit stop, it is told in the race mail ahead of the race and can also to be found in the topic for that race on the forum. But of course, if it is not obligatory, the racer may take as many pit stops as he finds necessary.
8.5 Sanctions for going too fast in the pit lane, such as, drive through or stop and go, are taken at the first next pass..
8.6 At a blue flag situation you always deviate from the ideal race line within the next 3 following corners. This must happen however at a safe place. This also means that faster drivers may only pass you when this can be done safely!!! So a faster driver has no right to claim his place when the passing move CAN NOT be done safely!!
8.7 At taking corners and chicanes, 2 wheels must always remain on the circuit. Some exceptions are in passing actions where there is no where else to go. It is also allowed on a driver error, but may not happen frequently, and will be closely watched by the administrators and can lead to a sanction. When gaining a place after cutting you will let the other driver pass you again !!
8.8 The only race results are what you will see on the Internet site and are final.
8.9 The use of Shift-P has been prohibited during the race, and results in a disqualification. This cannot therefore be used during the first lap. However, if the Safety Car is being used on a particular track, you are allowed to use spacebar to reset your car. You MUST follow Safety Car rules when using reset.
8.10 During the race and qualification you may NEVER chat. Only admins can come along to give important information. This remains effective until the last driver passes the finish line!! You can also block the messages, but then you would no longer read the messages from the admin. Look at the bottom of rules list for possible sanctions on chatting !!
8.11 After a crash, or off-track excursion, you re-enter the track when it can be done safely. For that, always activate the window with the circuit overview. With that overview you can quickly predict if others are near you, or whether it is safe to return to the track. Of course, use the mirrors as much as possible, and know you can also use the left and right view functions. If possible you can put those functions on the knobs of the steering wheel. ALWAYS rejoin the track in the race direction so never join it in a crossed direction.
8.12 It is forbidden to overtake during a yellow flag situation.  You need to slow down and be abble to stop if necessary. hitting someone during yellow results in a 30 second penalty.
8.13 If you drive back very slowly to the pit, then never do this on the ideal line and watch your mirrors.
8.14 After leaving the pit lane, don't cross the white or yellow lines !! Also if there is nobody around you. Penalty for doing so is 20 seconds added to your finishing time.
8.15 During the race you must activate at least one mirror and think about a dead angle. Once again, LFSRelax can be very useful.
8.16 During defending a position you may change your drive line only once.
8.17 Brake tests are not allowed due to the possibility of lag errors.

9. The Safety Car :

Situation :

9.1 A car is flipped
9.2 You are stuck in the gravel, you can't go back to the track after number of retries
9.3 Only the stuck racer or every admin who thinks such a situation is at hand, can call out for a SC procedure.

Rules :

9.4 He or she types the words SAFETY CAR (maybe put it under a shortcut key) posts it a few times!!!

9.5 Look at your current position, don't overtake..
9.6 If Stuck or crashed you STAY flipped or crashed !!
9.7 If you can continue to the pitlane in a slow mode, you do so, but you wait at the entrance of the pitlane just before the 80 kph mark.
9.8 EVERYBODY slows down !!!! Danger ahead. If you cause an incident because you did not keep your distance or had not slowed down enough you will get a penalty of 1lap.  If you lose places due to an incident during the SC will not retake your original place.
9.9 Everybody flash your warning lights if possible (will help to notice and avoid someone to start to pass everybody.
9.10 Overtaking  is forbidden!!! If you were just overtaking give back that place. This also means you do not overtake while entering the pitlane or pitlane entrance. You can overtake another driver standing still at his pitbox. But there will be no overtaking in the pitlane.
9.11 The Pitlane is now closed!!! If you MUST pit: you can stop at the entrance of the pits (speed limiter zone) but you have to wait until an admin types "pit now open" (or equivalent)
9.12 SC or leading car acting as such MUST reduce speed to allow every car still in the race to regroup behind him in a single line as quickly and safely as possible, then go on around the track at a constant and safe speed, this will be told before the race by the admin and depending on the track/car it will be between 56Km/h to 104Km/h (35 to 65 mph)  Driving at a speed that keeps the racers in a row.
9.13 The leader has to close up to the SC, unless the leader IS the SC, with a max gap of 2 car lengths.
9.14 Everybody drives in a safe way to the leader and fit's after the one in front of you. People being shown the "Blue Flag" must also stay in their current position.
9.15 You may NOT unlap !!
9.16 Stay in one single line.
9.17 Meanwhile watch those tyres , keep distance and keep the temp in those rubbers...
9.18 No heating up the brakes situations !!!l
9.19 Only when everybody has closed up to the leader and they pass the unlucky one again, he may reset. So ONLY when you see a nice row of cars after each other pass you.  One of the admins will  signal that moment
9.20 Once the car presses the reset, the leader (and other cars) presses "0" (sets danger lights out) and this also means the pitlane is open. The Car waiting at the 80km/h sign at the entrance of the pitlane may now also enter the pitlane for repairs, refuel, changing tyres.
9.21 The race will resume on the next start/finish pass.
9.22 The leader of the pack can decide when to floor it again, but when he does, he is not allowed to brake or slow down again when it is not common to on the circuit.
9.23 No overtaking is allowed until you pass the start/finish line. Passing before the Start/Finish line will result in a 20sec penalty for every car passed.
9.24 The unlucky one at the back of the row also resumes the race.
9.25 So it is forbidden to block the messages. But as it has to be quiet during the race that should not be such a problem. Remember the penalty for not being quiet.
9.26 These situations do not count in the qualify sessions. There you just press SHIFT-P in the outlap and try again or SHIFT-S in one of the 2 hot laps and wait....

Result :
We bring back the action in a race.
The unlucky one stays in the race.
The unlucky one still can collect some points and race experaince but may forget front places

10. The points...

1st place 10 points
2nd place 8 points
3rd place 6 points
4th place 5 points
5th place 4 points
6th place 3 points
7th place 2 points
8th place 1 points

completing more then 80% of the race : 2 extra points  !! So stay in the race even if things don't go the way you want !! Every point counts !

11 Sanctions

11.1 Ending somebody's race due to errors in the first corners: Next race you will start at the end of the field and make a drive through on the first lap
11.2 Crossing the white or yellow lines when leaving the pit lane: adding 20 seconds on your finishing time.
11.3 Continue blocking during blue flag situation: adding 20 seconds on your finishing time
11.4 Frequently cutting corners: adding 20 seconds on your finishing time
11.5 Do not drive 80% of the race: disqualification
11.6 Use of SHIFT-P and re-enter during the race: disqualification
11.7 5sec per chat message during the race is added to your finishing time.
11.8 Extra chatting can result in penalties such as a drive-through in current or next race, or starting from behind in next race or even disqualification!!
11.9 Entering pit when pitlane is closed during Safety Car situation, penalty 1 Lap
11.10 Resetting the car during the race, without Safety Car procedure : penalty 2 laps.
11.11 Resetting car during Safety Car procedure when not allowed (to early), penalty 1 Lap.
11.12 Causing an incident with 1-2 positions lost to the opponent: 10 seconds
11.13 Causing an incident with 3-5 positions lost to the opponent: 20 seconds
11.14 Causing an incident with more than 5 positions lost to the opponent: 30 seconds
11.15 Causing an incident, opponent has to make a pit stop: 45 seconds
11.16 Causing an incident, opponent has to call for Safety Car: 60 seconds

11.17 During the Safety Car procedure passing before the Start/Finish line will result in a 20sec penalty for every car passed.

12 Conclusion

12.1 The admins can adapt the regulations at all times. The adaptations appear also on the forum.
12.2 The final decision lies always at the admin and is definitive.
12.3 All complaints about another driver must be e-mailed to the admin within the next 48 hours.
12.4 Also without complaint there can be sanctions followed.
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