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Automatic Event PDF Print E-mail


Last Sunday we have had the test test race for next event :

The Automatic race event with the UFR on Fern Bay green rev.
We have had a wonderful evening with this very difficult
combo.  The car is not so difficult but the location (fe2r) is
well known for it's high curbs and a lot of "Lost Controls" caused by that.

We had 4 runs of 15 laps each with unexpected winners..
In every race event it's the fastest car that wins..

Here it was the fastest that could keep the car on track..

Everybody needed the Safety Car to come out at least
one time during those races.  And so we had a lot of action.
And if you thought you were out of the race after a SC..
The next Safety car brought you back into the game.

Xtian made a nice overview of some action here :



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Yes, here it is .... Season 4 Calendar.

This time we have build a learning curve into the season..from easy to difficult.
We start with an easy combo and always change one item on the combo for next race.
With this method you only have to learn more about the new track with the previous car
or the new car with the previous track. To end with the fastest car on the grid.
Hope you like it !

08 march Blackwood Rev XRT 3 X 15 Laps
22 march BlackwoorRev LX6 3 X 16 Laps
05 april Aston Historic Rev LX6 3 X 12 Laps
19 april Aston Historic Rev FZR 1 Hour
03 may Kyoto National FZR 2 X 22 Laps
17 may Kyoto National FOX 1 Hour
31 may South City Long FOX 3 X 15 Laps
14 june South City Long BF1 1 X 50 Laps

If the Scirocco is not published on 15 march it will be replaced by the LX6.

Then we have the Summer break with open promo races.
With races like : ROC, all automatic, Air restrictions, destruction derby, endurance, participate as team on other events.

Then we will have Season 5 to the end of the year 2009, it will be published very soon.

Season 3 Race 12 PDF Print E-mail

At last the result of the first long race with an official Safety Car on the circuit.

Qualify :

1. Sennaboy 0:38.76 Pole position
2. [TDRT] A.Kongshavn 0:38.80
3. Towz-T 0:38.86
4. Hanziboy 0:38.95
5. UNI Cramer 0:38.96
6. Wellington 0:39.14
7. Rasta 0:39.27
8. SLO_Scatter 0:39.30
9. Mumhra 0:39.31
10. Jyuetsch 0:39.45

Rule of the month PDF Print E-mail

Rule 11.3 : All complaints about an other driver must be e-mailed to the admin within the next 48 hours.
This means the administrators will not review the race over and over again to look for incidents.

If you think you have had a bad result caused by an incident, it is up to you to inform us about the incident.
This can be done only by e-mail to the admin.

11.4 Also without complaint there can be sanctions followed.
Example of that are the first laps.. They are always reviewed by the administrators.
Same for cutting corners, crossing pit lane exit lines, overtaking in yellow flag situations...


Rule of the month PDF Print E-mail


 2.2.The Nickmame rule.


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