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Our leauge in sleep mode PDF Print E-mail



Hi all,

As you all could notice . We do not have any calendar at the moment..
As we there were not enough racers to join us.. And it was a way to large time invest to organize,
review the races with less racers every year.

Mostly because LFS developers are way to slow to surprise us with a real update.
Working for years and years on the Sirocco for example ..

So The league keeps to exist.. But in a sleep mode.

Meanwhile the website, forum an race server stays online. for you guys.. If you want to use it for a specific combo just send an email to the admin (

I will try to join other leagues so my low level skills won't go any lower
I also race on project cars atm.

so see you around and proposals for new races are always welcome 


ROC 2015 is TDRT A. Kongshavn PDF Print E-mail

ROC 2015_s

Some weeks ago we had the RAC race. A nice fun track to drive with the LX4.

No pressure and a lot of fun. The Champion of this season was already know as Veijalainen took that title this year.

So no pressure and also nothing to report as we were there with only adult racers, keeping it clean but competitive.

Watch the replays if you want to know how races should be driven.

The winner of the event was TDRT A. Kongshavn and won to chose one of the combo's of next season.

He chose that new season should have the FXR driven on the Aston National track (AS3)

MrHamSandwich claims last race.. Veijalainen wins the 12th season PDF Print E-mail

r12 15_sLast race we were ready to close the 12th season.. A close battle between Veijalainen and [WCL]J. Katila the fast guys winning almost every race in the first part of the season and then were bored of it.

Veijalainen only was 2 points behind.. so only completing the race for 80% was enough to be equal ending at least 8th positions crowns hims as 12th season champion.
If he does he can chose one of the screenshots we've made from him during the season. cartonist Xtian will transform this into a Unic piece of art 

We were not with that many racers that day.

Veijalainen claims race 14 PDF Print E-mail

r12 14_s

Here we are again on the new Westhill track .. The more I race it, the more I like it !!
We were not with a lot of racers but still we had a clean and nice race.. Love them !

Beter to have aclean race with a few racers then a fucked up race with a lot  !

13th race goes to Veijalainen PDF Print E-mail

r12 13_s Race 13 .. unlucky number 13 .. But for Veijalainen it was just the opposite when he was racing the FZR that day.. No disconnections on his part and he was fast  on the new Westhill international Track now WE2..  The new design of the track makes it a lot more technical and fun to drive.  It toke me a lot of laps to understand (a bit ) how to take the corners. The chicane is a lot longer now but way more difficult to..  to chanllenge to let the rear tyres do what the front did.. is very difficult..  but here it is .. Race number 13.

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