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5th race goes to Fridorik PDF Print E-mail


2013-11-17 192534_s

One of the most difficult combo's..A small, Monaco like,wall circuit and a "a really want to flip" with no reverse car.. The MRT.
Practice race allready taught us that we needed to reduce the number of safety cars as our members did not manage to drive adult enough to drive arround this track without risking way to much..
Sad to see, we had to give way too many penalties and warnings ..  

Here is the report.

Ernest wins 4th race PDF Print E-mail


r11 04_SO6_XFR_s

South City .. Monaco of LFS.. That with an aggressive front wheeler always results in nice races.
A car that can take a hit.. also results in close contact racing.. sometimes too much.
Too much as in unsporting too.. And that is a shame of course.  If guys only think about them self while destroying the race for others..
Some will be watched very close during the next races .  

But Ernest was king of the track this time!!! Gratz to a deserved victory !


Vule.. Mud king ! PDF Print E-mail


R11 03_s

Mud conditions.. Some hate .. some love them .. Races with more contact then normal but still with a respectful way of racing.
Not using others to make it through the corner. Strategics with the forced pitstop and possible Safety car.
And knowing the rules !!! Some were faster then the winner but got some penalties and lost it that way.. pity ...

enjoy the race report !


2nd Race is for Veijalainen PDF Print E-mail

race 02_s


We have had the second race of the season.  A dangerous combo on flip overs and watch the world up side down.... The XFR on FE2.

Avoiding the curbs and keep right front out of the red zone was the main thing to do.
Being fast is one thing ..  keeping it on track mostly had a better results !!!

keeping it on track had mostly beter results !


Here is the result of 2 nice races :


practice Race 02 PDF Print E-mail

Practice11 01_01_s

Last night we had the practice session for our 2nd
race of the season.

THe XFR on FE2... And as thought we did see some
flip overs during that race.
The combo just asks for this .. high curbs and an
easy to flip car..

But luckily we had the safety car procedure to keep
the cars on track, and also bring back the action...

Bringing back the action?? correct.. as some drivers
were made from another kind of human and drove of like hell.
The safety car brought those fast drivers back to restart some nice fights.

If we learned something then it is practicing is at hand to find a fast way to drive without flipping it and without burning the right front.

Cya on track this week to practice !!

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