Situation :

  • A car is flipped
  • You are stuck in the gravel, you can't go back to the track after number of retries
  • Only the stuck racer or every admin who thinks such a situation is at hand, can call out for a SC procedure.

Actions :

  • He or she types the words SAFETY CAR (maybe put it under a shortcut key) posts it a few times!!!
  • Look at your current position, don't overtake..
  • If Stuck or crashed you STAY flipped or crashed !!
  • If you can continue to the pitlane in a slow mode, you do so, but you wait at the entrance of the pitlane just before the 80 mph mark.
  • EVERYBODY slows down !!!! Danger ahead. If you cause an incident because you did not keep your distance or had not slowed down enough you will get a penalty of 1lap.  If you lose places due to an incident during the SC will not retake your original place.
  • Everybody flash your warning lights if possible (will help to notice and avoid someone to start to pass everybody.
  • Overtaking  is forbidden!!! If you were just overtaking give back that place.
  • The Pitlane is now closed!!! If you MUST pit: you can stop at the entrance of the pits (speed limiter zone) but you have to wait until an admin types "pit now open" (or equivalent)
  • SC or leading car acting as such MUST reduce speed to allow every car still in the race to regroup behind him in a single line as quickly and safely as possible, then go on around the track at a constant and safe speed, this will be told before the race by the admin and depending on the track/car it will be between 56Km/h to 104Km/h (35 to 65 mph)  Driving at a speed that keeps the racers in a row.
  • The leader has to close up to the SC, unless the leader IS the SC, with a max gap of 2 car lengths.
  • Everybody drives in a safe way to the leader and fit's after the one in front of you. People being shown the "Blue Flag" must also stay in their current position.
  • You may NOT unlap !!
  • Stay in one single line.
  • Meanwhile watch those tyres , keep distance and keep the temp in those rubbers...
  • No heating up the brakes situations !!!
  • Only when everybody has closed up to the leader and they pass the unlucky one again, he may reset. So ONLY when you see a nice row of cars after each other pass you.  One of the admins will  signal that moment
  • Once the car presses the reset, the leader (and other cars) presses "0" (sets danger lights out) and this also means the pitlane is open. The Car waiting at the 80km/h sigh at the entrance of the pitlane may now also enter the pitlane for repairs, refuel, changing tyres.
  • The race will resume on the next start/finish pass.
  • The leader of the pack can decide when to floor it again, but when he does, he is not allowed to brake or slow down again when it is not common to on the circuit.
  • No overtaking is allowed until you pass the start/finish line.
  • The unlucky one at the back of the row also resumes the race.

Extra rules ..

  • So it is forbidden to block the messages. But as it has to be quiet during the race that should not be such a problem. Remember the penalty for not being quiet.
  • These situations do not count in the qualify sessions. There you just press SHIFT-P in the outlap and try again or SHIFT-S in one of the 2 hot laps and wait....

Result :

  • We bring back the action in a race.
  • The unlucky one stays in the race.
  • The unlucky one still can collect some points and race experaince but may forget front places

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