We are back online !! 

The Story ....



What happened the last few weeks? A summary..

14 days before Xmas our server went down.. It seemed that all LFS servers went down hosted by 500Servers.
Luckily our League was on a Winter stop, so I could host them on my personal computer @ Home, for sure since I had a network upgrade. But that was not online 24/7  And also the owner of Speed Servers lent us his services to host some races on Sunday.. 

After 3 weeks of waiting and posting on the 500 servers support thread, we got the message from the owner of the servers, that 500 servers stopped paying for his servers and that they had been deleted.  So end of the 500server story..

The fact that Speed Servers helped us out for free for a couple of times and that our practice race was only a couple of days away brought us back to them. And so after paying again.. we were back online.. Happy me and just on time to have our practice race on the new server..

I've payed for the server for one year cause this is of course a lot cheaper..

All went well until.... the server was down .. AGAIN ....  contacted them and also his servers, in Germany, were turned off because of a money issue.. This time the reason is that the paypal account of the SpeedServer owner is blocked..  And to be honest I don't give a xxxxxx. !!!! The fact is that we are down again, and more.. I can not give you guys what I have promised to provide..

And again I am in a time limit ..  Meanwhile SpeedServer is bussy on paying for a new server.. But that will that days to be back online. I've also posted a lot of this on the official LFS Forum..

And the owner of Qserverhosting was following the misery I was going through.. And so he gave us a new server for 1/2 Year .. FOR FREE..

It is happy to experiance this kind of nice moves !!.

So we are back online and I've placed an advertisement on the website...

Now we only have to wait untill SpeedServers is back online a we will have 2 servers online.. one in practice mode and one in race mode.

I hope this ends our struggle for live in providing Fun races for you !!

If you to, feel sorry for us ... we still have or donate button and  working paypal account.  Use it and become listed in our gold member list for ever !!

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