LFS Logo_www256-12We often wonder if there is still a S3 version of the game in progress.
Are the developers still alive?? Are they still breading programmers bits and bytes ??

Well the answer can be .. yes, as they posted something in october on a forum.
The question is why didn't they post it on there own forum/website..

This is what they wrote.. Let's hope it does not stay with word only


Hello everyone! 

The developers are all alive and working on LFS. 

Eric has been working on new tracks. He slowed up a bit during some of the great English summer which we don’t get very often. I have enjoyed test driving on two of his new tracks which look great and I look forward to the time when they can be released. 

I am still working on the tyre physics, though I haven’t really made serious progress this year. I also enjoyed the summer, did a lot of cycling and running too. It’s a better hobby than smoking like I used to, and I really enjoy it. But the good news is it won’t pay the bills! 

LFS income has gradually gone down as it always does between updates. That that has increased the urgency of finishing the tyre physics. So I plan to get down to it, make the appropriate approximations and sort out a good physically based system, with enough assumptions to make it workable, accepting that total realism is an unachievable goal. 

I just got a bit excited about stereoscopic 3d support, which some people will like because they’ll be able to see LFS in 3d on a 3d TV, if their TV supports “side-by-side” or “top and bottom” mode. Also headsets should be supported if they accept one of those output modes. The old headsets that require specific support and sequential output will not be supported. For example a Sony HMZ works but a Vuzix VR920 does not. A more recent Vuzix should work but the field of view is not really good enough to give you peripheral vision. I’m not sure how much it will benefit the Oculus Rift at the moment. I think that depends on a pixel shader to provide the proper distortion, which I think is not available in D3D8. Anyway, one of the output options will be non-squashed (full) side-by-side 3D, which may possibly make it easier to use the Oculus Rift. Anyway it is a step in that direction. It does appear that the current Oculus Rift’s resolution is too low for a racing simulator at the moment. Anyway I should be able to post a 3d test patch in a few days, I’m guessing early next week. Some people will enjoy that, though I realise most people, like me, don’t have 3d equipment. 

Victor is still with us, although he has indeed got another job, which looks like a really good one, putting his excellent skills to more use. I’m pleased for him about that, as his job here wasn’t often really full time, although he is an absolutely vital member of our team. He needed a job as well because our profit share isn’t one third each and depends on our actual contributions to the project. Victor started later and never has so much work, so for that reason only, his profit share was a bit of a tight squeeze to live on, specially with the gradual reduction in profits while we are waiting for a serious update. 

People ask why I don’t come here more often with progress reports. But there hasn’t been enough progress to give a report. And it’s not appealing to come here and say that. Every month I’ve thought I would be making more progress, and would have some good progress to report the following month. Hope you see what I mean… 

Anyway, we do have to pay the bills and I’m very interested to get the better feeling tyre model out there for everyone to enjoy. You’ve heard it all before so I don’t expect great enthusiasm. It will take a while yet, but hopefully not too long.

source : http://www.simracingworld.com/news/2196-live-for-speed-developer-update/


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