Season 12 stops for a few weeks so the youngest drivers can concentrate on there studies before the Winter holidays start.

And for us older bones, we can drink and eat all we can without  worrying about driving drunk behind the wheel 
So just like the Summer events .. we have again the Winter Events. 
These are open races.. Everybody is welcome as long as they respect the rules and drive clean.


So If you're a pro or just a beginner .. join these races.

It is the best way to learn how we race at

This is an international league so racers from all over the globe can participate.

We start at 20.30 CET.
To be sure you be there on time, check the clock on the front page of our website.
It always gives you the CET time.

Happy Holidays and have a very good 2013 ending !!

We hope to cya online and on track next Sunday !!!

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