xtian r10_02_s

Last race was again with the MRT but this time we hit town.
So less curbs to flip the car, but it stayed the MRT so ... no Reverse Gear...
No reverse means .. Safety car has to come out and so it did a couple of times.


We also had a lot of incidents where the same racer, Salatoimik, was involved over and over again.
This led to a lot of frustration with some racers .. who started to use words that can't be allowed.
As Salatoimik is involved in so many incidents he receives an additional penalty of a forced drive through during the first lap of the first stint of next race. He starts that race in the last position and does not qualify.

Some have to realise we are here for fun fun and again FUN !!!!!
So no frustration is needed !!  Don't drive as your life depends on it !!
Guys who like to play this kind of realistic race simulators also like to watch good motor sport.
Then they must also have seen races where a faster car stays a large number of laps behind the car in front of him because it is not possible to pass him in a safe way.. And it is better to collect those points behind that racer then risking to end the race with no points and two frustrated racers ! 

Also realise chatting during the race is NOT allowed.  Only FUNCTIONAL chatting is allowed during the safetycar.  So for next races rule 11.7 .. will be applied very often !


11.7 : 5 sec penalty  per chat message during the race is added to your finishing time.

So what are the most common errors racers make during the race :

  • Never start overtaking when you already know it can't be done safely
  • Leave ENOUGH room in the corners, don't close the corner in overtaking situations.
  • Leave enough room during the safety car, don't go pushing around.
  • Respect the blue flag
  • First corner incidents
We also had some quitters this time.. realise you can collect already 2 points when driving a least 80% of the race..  Quitting or spectating only results in throwing away those points you were fighting for so heavily during the race.

I will stop this intro now with a very good tip :
If you drive someone off track or cause an incident then WAIT for that car  !!!  This only shows respect to the other car and gives a signal to him this was a racing incident and not a forced error.  Also the admin will mostly not penalize incidents where the racer waits for the pushed off racer.  

But let start with the race review ...



0:43.45 - STI-Mario crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

1:04.61 - Ernest crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

1:12.63 - Son of Hanzi crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

1. just.yeman 1:26.70
2. [WCL]Zupi[FIN] 1:26.81
3. [WCL]Myself[FIN] 1:26.86
4. LPR Ago76 1:27.07
5. STI-Lex 1:27.38
6. STI-Mario 1:27.55
7. Son of Hanzi 1:27.71
8. Hanziboy 1:28.08
9. Salatoimik 1:28.20
10. Fridorik 1:28.36
11. Ernest 1:28.54
12. STI-Ice 1:28.56
13. Xtian-LFS.BE 1:28.67
14. SLO_Scatter no time

Race 1 - 9 Laps:

0:47.38 - Lex tries to pass Ago76 on the inside at turn 3. Ago76, possibly,
does not know that Lex is to his right and makes his entrance into turn 3,
which causes Lex to clip Ago76 in the right rear and send Ago76 flipping.
Lex gets nosed into the wall at the corner, but Lex pushes in the clutch and
lets his car roll backwards away from the wall. But Lex also backs into
oncoming traffic. While Lex is rolling backwards, Fridorik tries to go
around Lex, but has to widen his turn to avoid Lex. Then Salatoimik bumps
Fridorik as he is trying to go around Lex, which causes Salatoimik's car to
slide and flip over. SC called... racing incident

3:07.80 - Zupi loses control while weaving to keep his tires warm, and hits
the wall. His car does not tip over, so he waits and rejoins when it is safe
to do so... racing incident

4:02.06 - While getting ready for the restart Salatoimik accelerates just as
Zupi is braking and hits Zupi in the rear, causing Zupi to flip his car. But
it lands back on its wheels, and Zupi is able to continue. Zupi loses 1
position... 10sec penalty for Salatoimik

11:12.69 - Hanziboy and Ernest are having a drag race to see who gets to
turn 1 first. Then, Ernest starts turning left at the 50m sign and runs into
the side of Hanziboy, causing Hanziboy's car to spin around. Hanziboy waits
until it is safe to rejoin the race. Hanziboy lost 3 positions... 20sec
penalty for Ernest

11:36.89 - Lex loses control going through turn 7 and slides into the wall,
which causes his car to spin around. In the meanwhile, Ago76 gets clipped by
Lex's spinning car which causes Ago76's car to flip over. SC called...
racing incident

14:47.73 - Salatoimk and Mario touch going through turn 1, which causes
Mario's car to slide and head for the wall on the left, where he hits it
hard. Salatoimik also hits the wall, but not as hard. Mario loses 3
positions... 20sec penalty for Salatoimik

15:08.81 - Mario loses control after turn 3 due to his badly damaged left
front suspension. Mario gets stuck against the aarmco..

Race 1 Finish order:

1. just.yeman
2. [WCL]Myself[FIN]
3. [WCL]Zupi[FIN]
4. Xtian-LFS.BE
5. STI-Lex
6. STI-Ice
7. Fridorik
8. Hanziboy
9. SLO_Scatter
10. Son of Hanzi 20sec penalty
11. Ernest 40sec penalty
12. Salatoimik 30sec penalty no change in position
13. LPR Ago76
14. STI-Mario DNF

Race 2 - 9 Laps - Reversed Grid Order:

2:25.53 - just.yeman crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

3:30.57 - just.yeman, [WCL]Myself[FIN], and Ernest are going through turn 10
side by side (3 wide). just.yeman starts to tighten his turn as he gets to
the middle of the turn and touches wheels with [WCL]Myself[FIN], which
causes [WCL]Myself[FIN]'s car to turn right, putting both cars into the
wall. just.yeman, though, is the one that flips his car over.
[WCL]Myself[FIN] is able to continue. SC called... racing incident

6:01.76 - [WCL]Myself[FIN] bumps Lex while, STILL, under the SC. No serious
damage is done to either car... racing incident

6:04.00 - As soon as Lex reaches the Start/Finish line he goes, even though
the GREEN has not been given yet. After Lex goes through turn 2 he seems to
steer directly towards the entrance of the parking lot and hits the aarmco,
which spins his car around and he ends up backed into the aarmco on the
opposite side of the track. Lex then says something not very polite to
someone, don't know who, because the things that happened to him were his
fault for going too soon, and he hit the aarmco all by himself... Lex was
kicked from the server for bad language. DNF

6:51.55 - [WCL]Myself[FIN] lost connection. He logs back on, but does not re-join the race...

7:35.81 - Scatter touches the back of Fridorik's car at turn 9, and Fridorik
goes around and loses 1 position. Scatter waits for Fridorik to get back in
front of him before continuing...no penalty since Scatter waited

8:40.64 - just.yeman hits Ice's left rear going to turn 6 and causes Ice to
flip his car over. Ice loses 4 positions. SC called... 60sec penalty for

12:32.10 - Salatoimik hits Ago76 going to turn 5 sending Ago76 nose first
into the wall. Ago76 spectates as there are only 3 laps left. Ago76 loses
more than 8 positions... 30sec penalty for Salatoimik

14:14.79 - Ernest loses control at turn 7, and Hanziboy taps Ernest's car
while he is trying to get his car back under control, which causes ernest to
spin his car along the wall. Ernest is able to continue... racing incident

15:31.15 - Hanziboy and Son of Hanzi collide going to turn 4,
causing Son of Hanzi to spin around.  racing incident

15:57.89 - Salatoimik loses the rear of his car under braking going to turn
9 and noses into the wall. No SC called... DNF

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Xtian-LFS.BE
2. [WCL]Zupi[FIN]
3. Fridorik
4. Hanziboy
5. Ernest
6. SLO_Scatter
7. Son of Hanzi
8. just.yeman 80sec penalty
9. STI-Ice
10. Salatoimik DNF
11. LPR Ago76 DNF
12. [WCL]Myself[FIN] DNF
13. STI-Lex DNF
14. STI-Mario DNS

Race 3 - 9 Laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:35.48 - Looks like Salatoimik gets distracted by Lex's text before he
leaves, and Salatoimik responds with a smiley face, but it causes him to
almost lose control on the straight stretch going to turn 2. Salatoimik
regains control by the time he gets to turn 2, but [WCL]Myself[FIN] gets
bumped in the left rear by Salatoimik, and they both spin around. Salatoimik
is able to continue, but [WCL]Myself[FIN] noses against the wall.
[WCL]Myself[FIN] spectates instead of calling for SC... Warning for Salatoimik

0:37.74 - Ago76 gets hit in the rear by Son of Hanzi while braking for turn
2, and gets pushed into the outside wall. Ago76 is able to continue, but he
loses 9 positions... 30sec penalty for Son of Hanzi

0:47.27 - Ice moves to the left to get the line into turn 3, but doesn't
look to his left to see that Xtian is already beside him. Ice bumps Xtian,
and it sends Ice's car into the aarmco. Ice does not call for the SC, he
spectates... racing incident

0:49.10 - Ernest turns in a little bit too early at turn 3, and it causes
his car to bounce over into Fridorik and spins his car around... racing

2:18.93 - Zupi steers left instead of right going to turn 3 and he hits the
tire barrier in the run off section. Zupi turns around and continues...

2:50.26 - Son of Hanzi hits the wall at turn 6 when he turns in too early,
and it bounces his car into Ernest. They both end up against the outside
wall, but they are able to continue... racing incident

2:58.40 - Ernest loses connection...

3:21.00 - Ernest returns...

3:40.45 - Zupi loses control going to the pits, and gets stuck against the
wall in the pit lane entrance. SC called...

6:57.00 - Zupi spectates, then leaves. In a situation like his, Shift-P
would be allowed since that is the only way to get your car back in the
race, even though you are laps down...

8:06.50 - Son of Hanzi loses control in turn 1, and spins his car around. He
rolls back in the middle of the track, where an approaching Scatter doesn't
see him in time and they hit head on. Both cars spin, but are able to
continue... racing incident

8:33.10 - Son of Hanzi and Scatter both have damage to their left front
suspension and end up against the wall at turn 3. Scatter tries to help Son
of Hanzi get his nose away from the wall by hitting his car. SC called...

9:38.30 - Ernest times out...

9:50.22 - Ernest comes back...

12:06.83 - Salatoimik hits Fridorik in the rear and spins him out while
under SC. Salatoimik waits for Fridorik to get his position back, but
Fridorik loses 1 position... 10sec penalty for Salatoimik

13:22.30 - Fridorik loses control going to turn 5 and ends up stuck against
the aarmco. SC called...

Race 3 Finish Order:

1. just.yeman
2. Xtian-LFS.BE
3. Hanziboy
4. LPR Ago76
5. SLO_Scatter
6. Salatoimik 10sec penalty
7. Fridorik
8. Son of Hanzi 30sec penalty
9. Ernest
10. [WCL]Zupi[FIN] DNF
11. STI-Ice DNF
12. [WCL]Myself[FIN] DNF
13. STI-Lex DNS
14. STI-Mario DNS

Season 10 Race 2 Points Results:

1. Xtian-LFS.BE
2. just.yeman 
3. [WCL]Zupi[FIN] 
3. Hanziboy
5. Fridorik 
6. SLO_Scatter 
7. Son of Hanzi 
8. Ernest 
9. STI-Ice
9. [WCL]Myself[FIN]
11. Salatoimik 
11. LPR Ago76 
13. STI-Lex 5+
14. STI-Mario 

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