r10 05 s

I knew we could do it !!! Having a race with a non forgiving car.. A car with no reverse..   and small differential speed between your opponents.
This only means a lot of close racing.. Some were very pessimistic on the safety car procedure as they predicted the safety car would have more fun then the racers themselves.

But.. they were wrong !!!! We only had 1 safety car procedure per race !! GRATZ to all racers for this fantastic event ..  Or do we know now who is causing those safety cars.. Future will tell I guess !!  

In fact it was good we had the safety car on the second race as after 10 laps everybody was driving on his own.. too far from each other to change anything in the race.
The fact that the safety car did come out, brought back the action  !!

Again thanks for a very clean race which also results in a fast race report as there was not a lot to discuss about !!!





4:19.60 - just.yeman crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

1. just.yeman            2:13.37
2. Xtian - LFS.BE    2:13.66
3. LPR Ago76          2:13.80
4. Fridorik                2:13.81
5. StFin White          2:14.21
6. Hanziboy              2:14.38
7. Salatoimik            2:14.73
8. SLO_Scatter       2:17.90
9. Son of Hanzi        2:19.60

Race 1 - 6 laps:

4:21.53 - Son of Hanzi gets back on the power a little too
much after turn 6 and the rear loses traction sending him nose
first into the wall. SC called...

4:47.18 - Salatoimik hits Ago76 in the rear, when catching up
to the pack, causing Ago76 to spin. But Salatoimik waits for
Ago76 to get going... no penalty since Salatoimik waited, but
he does get a warning for hitting drivers in the rear

8:49.60 - just.yeman crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. Fridorik       
2. Xtian - LFS.BE   
3. StFin White       
4. just.yeman             40sec penalty
5. Salatoimik       
6. Hanziboy       
7. SLO_Scatter       
8. Son of Hanzi       
9. LPR Ago76           DQ because he didn't pit

Race 2 - 15 laps - Reverse Grid Order:

0:34.26 - StFin White taps Salatoimik in the rear going through the turn 1
chicane and causes Salatoimik to spin. Salatoimik loses 2 positions...
10sec penalty for StFin White

0:35.00 - Hanziboy and Son of Hanzi lose traction going through the turn 1
chicane, and just.yeman gets clipped when he tries to go by Salatoimik...
racing incidents

3:05.21 - just.yeman crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

5:35.29 - Hanziboy has a better run through turn 2 and taps StFin White at
the exit of the turn. StFin White is able to keep control, but Hanziboy loses
traction and slides into the grass. Hanziboy tries to recover, but he ends up
sliding nose first into the aarmco. Son of Hanzi hits Hanziboy when he gets
to him to help move Hanziboy away from the aarmco, and avoid a SC...
racing incident

9:53.66 StFin White loses control after the turn 1 chicane and spins his car.
He then leaves the race after completing only 4 laps...

22:56.08 - Son of Hanzi loses control going through turn 9 and gets stuck when
he gets his nose against the wall in the gravel trap. SC called...

29:36.59 - Son of Hanzi loses control in the turn 1 chicane. Scatter hits the nose
of Son of Hanzi's car and Scatter slides into the grass... racing incident

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Salatoimik       
2. Xtian - LFS.BE   
3. LPR Ago76       
4. Hanziboy       
5. just.yeman         20sec penalty
6. Fridorik       
7. SLO_Scatter       
8. Son of Hanzi       
9. StFin White        DNF

Season 10 Race 5 Points Results:

1. Xtian - LFS.BE  
2. Salatoimik         
3. Fridorik            
4. just.yeman           
5. Hanziboy        
6. LPR Ago76       
6. StFin White        
8. SLO_Scatter       
9. Son of Hanzi      

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