r10 10_s

Westhill is a fast track .. a track where you can not slam a big gap to the one in your mirrors..
Unless he makes a mistake.. Then it is difficult for that guy to come back.
Some times you needed to be on his tail for lap after lap and wait until the one in front of you makes a mistake
It was so close it resulted in 2 winners on top of the race result.
Of course, if you make too many mistakes, it feels like you better stop.. Wrong decision !! As Xtian proved with his 3 pitstops.
He even, with the help of a safetycar,  came back to a 3rd position in the last race..

So NEVER give up, and fight !!! Here is the race report.



1. Salatoimik 1:35.44
2. 13-Veijalainen 1:35.60
3. towz-T 1:35.80
4. Xtian-LFS.BE 1:35.88
5. Fridorik 1:36.41
6. Son of Hanzi 1:36.63
7. StFin White 1:37.22
8. Hanziboy 1:37.43
9. SLO_Knuckles no time
10. SLO_Scatter no time

Race 1 - 8 laps:

no major incidents... Nice !!

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. Salatoimik
3. Fridorik
4. StFin White
5. 13-Veijalainen
6. Xtian-LFS.BE
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. Hanziboy
9. SLO_Scatter
10. Son of Hanzi

Race 2 - 25 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

4:46.94 - StFin White loses control going through the turn 5 chicane and
slides across the track into the inside wall. He then spectates and leaves
after completing 2 laps...

15:04.62 - Son of Hanzi goes a little wide in turn 8 and gets in the grass.
He slides all the way to the aarmco, then his car flips over the aarmco
outside of the track... SC called

22:27.06 - Xtian closes on Scatter through the turn 5 chicane when Scatter
loses traction. Xtian bumps Scatter in the rear while Scatter is still
trying to regain control. Both cars go sliding off the track, but are able
to recover and continue... Racing incident

30:42.46 - Salatoimik slightly bumps Hanziboy in the rear going through turn
1, but it's enough to send Hanziboy spinning... racing incident

38:25.21 - Knuckles gets his tires on the grass going through the turn 5
chicane, causing him to slide and clip the edge of the tire barrier. Then
his car heads for the wall where it hits and flips... SC called

42:47.42 - Veijalainen tries to make a pass on towz-T in turn 4. Veijalainen
tries to move over in front of towz-T, but there is no room. Veijalainen and
towz-T touch tires and Veijalainen goes spinning. towz-T lost 3 positions...
20sec penalty for Veijalainen

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Salatoimik
2. towz-T
3. Xtian-LFS.BE
4. Hanziboy
5. Fridorik
6. 13-Veijalainen 20sec penalty - no change
7. SLO_Scatter
8. SLO_Knuckles
9. Son of Hanzi
10. StFin White DNF

Season 10 Race 10 Points Results:

1. Salatoimik 
1. towz-T
3. Fridorik
4. Xtian-LFS.BE 
5. 13-Veijalainen 
6. Hanziboy 
7. StFin White 
8. SLO_Knuckles 
9. SLO_Scatter 
10. Son of Hanzi