r10 11_sLast Sunday we took the fox out to race on the Blackwood reverse circuit.
A circuit well known and a car with a lot of grip and faster than the rather slow FBM.

With the fox it is a little bit easier to pass on the straight to the chicane as it was with the FBM.
And coming out of the corner to the straight was crucial.

But we had 2 nice races without safety car.




6:18.83 - StFin White uses chat while Salatoimik is still on a qualify run... 5sec penalty

1. towz-T 1:10.44
2. StFin Jkl76 1:10.82
3. Salatoimik 1:11.16
4. 13-Veijalainen 1:11.37
5. Xtian-LFS.BE 1:11.57
6. Hanziboy 1:12.05
7. Fridorik 1:12.05
8. StFin White 1:12.76
9. SLO_Scatter 1:13.95

Race 1 - 10 laps:

7:39.50 - Hanziboy loses control coming out of the turn 6 chicane. When
Hanziboy tries to get going again Fridorik comes around the hairpin and they
touch, which sends them both sliding into the grass. Fridorik lost 1
position. Hanziboy let Fridorik go by him... 10sec penalty for Hanziboy

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. StFin Jkl76
4. Xtian-LFS.BE
5. StFin White 5sec penalty - no change in position
6. Salatoimik
7. Fridorik
8. Hanziboy 10sec penalty - no change in position
9. SLO_Scatter

Race 2 - 20 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

8:46.95 - Hanziboy has the inside line going into the turn 6 chicane and is
ahead of Veijalainen, but Veijalainen turns in and hits Hanziboy in the
right rear. The contact sends both cars sliding into the barriers. No
position was lost by Hanziboy, and Veijalainen lost 1 position while trying
to recover... racing incident

15:01.36 - Salatoimik spins at the hairpin. He almost drives in front of
towz-T, but they miss each other. Then Salatoimik decides to back up,
Scatter spins going around the back of Salatoimik. Xtian gets bumped in the
left front, but is able to keep control. Don't forget to look at your
minimap to see if anyone is coming... racing incident

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. StFin Jkl76
2. towz-T
3. 13-Veijalainen
4. StFin White
5. Xtian-LFS.BE
6. Fridorik
7. Salatoimik
8. Hanziboy
9. SLO_Scatter

Season 10 Race 11 Points Results:

1. towz-T
2. StFin Jkl76
3. 13-Veijalainen
4. Xtian-LFS.BE
4. StFin White
6. Fridorik
6. Salatoimik
8. Hanziboy
9. SLO_Scatter