r10 13_sThe FO8 is a difficult car to drive, but once you learn to know its limits it's a pretty fast car to drive !
The last race with the FO8 was on the Aston Grand touring circuit..  A fast circuit with some scary corners to go flat out if you had the guts to try it.

We had 2 heavy races that night.. 2 races that asked a lot of energy and concentration.


2:10.27 - StFin Stauf crosses the pit exit line.. 20sec penalty

Qualifying Order:

1. 13-Veijalainen 2:23.66
2. StFin Stauf 2:24.19
3. towz-T 2:25.02
4. Fridorik 2:26.92
5. Xtian-LFS.BE 2:27.38
6. Hanziboy 2:28.12
7. Salatoimik 2:28.96
8. SLO_Knuckles 2:32.81
9. SLO_Scatter 2:48.90

Race 1 - 10 laps:

3:39.19 - StFin Stauf loses control at turn 6 and hits the tire barrier.
Stauf leaves the race...

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. 13-Veijalainen
2. towz-T
3. Xtian-LFS.BE
4. Hanziboy
5. Fridorik
6. Salatoimik
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. SLO_Scatter
9. StFin Stauf DNF

Race 2 - 15 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:25.78 - Fridorik tries to shoot the gap between Knuckles and Salatoimik,
but Knuckles gets a touch from Fridorik which sends Knuckles sliding to the
right side of the track head-on into the wall... racing incident

0:35.12 - Knuckles uses chat... 5sec penalty

4:36.28 - Scatter loses control in turn 1 and slides into the gravel trap.
SC called...

6:26.16 - towz-T makes a pitstop while the pits are closed. However, towz-T
does backup behind the white pitlane line to wait for the pitlane to open,
then towz-T stops in a pitbox again... no penalty

6:53:00 - Salatoimik overtakes Hanziboy in the pitlane. And during SC where
overtaking is also not allowed. As per rule 7.3: You can not overtake in the
pitlane. But you can overtake another driver standing still in the box...
20sec penalty for Salatoimik

12:28.59 - Knuckles leaves the door open between turns 7 & 8 and Salatoimik
takes advantage of that to make the pass. But Knuckles' car moves just
enough to the left to touch wheels with Salatoimik, which sends Knuckles
into the grass where Knuckles loses control and starts spinning. Xtian and
towz-T also can't avoid hitting Knuckles' spinning car... racing incident

31:51.11 - towz-T and Knuckles touch wheels sending Knuckles spinning...
racing incident

32:54.86 - Knuckles gets stuck in the gravel trap at turn 6 while trying to
get a damaged car back to the pits. SC called...

39:09.68 - Salatoimik gets on the power too muuch in turn 16 and the rear of
his car goes around. Fridoriks' car also goes around when he tries to avoid
Salatoimik... racing incident

39:35.42 - During the last restart of the race, Veijalainen, who is first,
goes into turn 1 with cold tires and can't get slowed down enough to keep
from going into the gravel trap. No SC called since there was only 2 laps
remaining. Veijalainen was allowed to use reset so that he could finish the

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. Fridorik
3. Xtian-LFS.BE
4. Salatoimik 20sec penalty
5. Hanziboy
6. 13-Veijalainen
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. SLO_Scatter
9. StFin Stauf DNS

Season 10 Race 13 Points:

1. towz-T 
2. Xtian-LFS.BE
3. 13-Veijalainen 
3. Fridorik
5. Hanziboy 
6. Salatoimik 
7. SLO_Knuckles 
8. SLO_Scatter
9. StFin Stauf 

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