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We have had the second race of the season.  A dangerous combo on flip overs and watch the world up side down.... The XFR on FE2.

Avoiding the curbs and keep right front out of the red zone was the main thing to do.
Being fast is one thing ..  keeping it on track mostly had a better results !!!

keeping it on track had mostly beter results !


Here is the result of 2 nice races :



5:20.62 - Veijalainen hits the curb at turn 9 and flips his car while he is on his 1st hotlap. He uses shift-p, then he does another qualify run...
Penalty : Veijalainen not allowed to qualify during next official race and has to start from the rear

1. towz-T 1:11.22
2. [SR] Vule 1:11.26
3. Fridorik 1:12.11
4. Stauffenberg 1:12.11
5. Carl 1:12.19
6. Salatoimik 1:12.37
7. Wellington 1:12.41
8. 13-Veijalainen 1:12.65
9. Hanziboy 1:14.19
10. SLO_Knuckles 1:17.04
11. Xtian - LFS.BE no time
12. SLO_Scatter DNQ
13. Jancis DNQ

Race 1 - 15 laps:

3:10.23 - Carl crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty for Carl

3:23.06 - Hanziboy hits the curb at turn 1 and flips his car... SC called

5:58.00 - Wellington loses connection after completing 3 laps...

6:46.00 - Wellington rejoins the race...

6:55.96 - Knuckles hits the curb at turn 9 and flips his car. He flips so high in the air that the game resets his car... no penalty since the game reset him.

10:16.84 - Scatter joins the race...

10:18.80 - Wellington loses connection after completing 2 laps...

11:10.80 - Carl loses connection after completing 7 laps...

11:33.72 - Stauffenberg hits the curb at turn 5 and flips his car... SC called

14:34.50 - Vule almost flips his car when he clips the curb at turn 9. Vule slaps the outside wall while trying to save the car, then he tries to go but there isn't much traction on dirt. Meanwhile, towz-T jumps from P3 to P1 before the start/finish line. Salatoimik also gets to the start/finish line before Vule... no penalty for towz-t or Salatoimik since Vule and Salatoimk were outside of the white line, which denotes the racing surface

17:44.43 - towz-T hits the curb at turn 5 and flips his car... SC called

21:42.00 - Stauffenberg is fighting with Veijalainen to see who will get through turn 1 first. Stauffenberg gets to turn 1 first, but it looks like
Veijalainen gives Stauff a shot in the back causing him to go straight into the tires and it causes him to flip. Stauffenberg's car lands on its wheels after flipping and rolling, but it is badly damaged... racing incident

21:48.25 - Stauffenberg calls for SC...

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. Salatoimik
2. Fridorik
3. 13-Veijalainen
4. Xtian - LFS.BE
5. SLO_Knuckles
6. [SR] Vule
7. Hanziboy
8. towz-T
9. Stauffenberg
10. SLO_Scatter
11. Carl DNF
12. Wellington DNF
13. Jancis DNS

Race 2 - 30 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:51:11 - Hanziboy misjudged the unusual braking comes too hot in the chicane and bounces on towz-T and Stauffenberg, (SR) Vule cannot avoid collision... racing incident

0:59:03 – Jancis puts his right wheels on the grass and bounces back in the pack. Hitting 13-Veljainen, Hanziboy, and (SR) Vule... racing incident

1:02:03 – Hanzyboy crashes into Jancis who slid sideways across the track... racing incident

08:17:27 – Jancis fails to brake at the end of the straight and gets stuck. Safety car is called...

11:36:85 – Stauffenberg flips and calls safety car.

11:39:19 – (SR) Vule bounces on the curb and hits Fridorik in the first chicane. Fridorik goes form 3rd to 9th position... 30sec penalty for Vule + warning for not waiting

13:55.64 - During the SC after Stauffenberg's flip, Jancis does not stay at the back of the pack. He passes 5 cars, then goes back at the end of the pack behind Fridorik... 1min 40sec penalty for Jancis for passing 5 cars under SC

15:06:16 – when green is given, Stauffenberg passes 4 cars before reaching start/finish line... 1min 20sec penalty for passing before the S/F line + a warning for passing cars before the S/F line

15:22:74 – when green is given, Hanziboy passes SLO-Scatter just before the start finish line (or does he ?)... Scatter couldn't go full speed and was out of the racing line, not Hanziboy's fault

17:14:55 – Stauffenberg flips at turn 5 and disconnects...

19:11:66 – (SR) Vule hits the curb at turn 2 and flips... safety car called

23:42:30 – (SR) Vule comes too hot in the chicane, bounces on SLO-Knuckles and rolls 7 times before landing on his wheels (style bonus)... racing incident

23:58:28 – Just as Xtian-lfs.be is about to make the inside pass of his career (a true work of art in movement) Hanziboy gets rid of him by just pushing him out of his way :P Xtian-lfs.be loses one position... 10sec penalty for Hanziboy

24:36:06 – (SR) Vule flips at turn 8 and this time lands on the roof... Safety car is called.

29:16:74 – Jancis flips at turn 9 and calls safety car...

33:37:80 – Jancis flips at turn 5 and disconnects...

34:03:91 – Salatoimik gets stuck in the sand, safety car is called.

41:30:61 – (SR) Vule pushes the rear side of towz-T's car, sending him in the wall. No position lost... warning for Vule for unsporting driving

41:44:30 Xtian-LFS.be brakes to avoid towz-T who is stopped in the last turn, and loses it. 13-Veijalainen who is still fighting for position with Fridorik slams into Xtian as he tries to rejoin the race... 20sec penalty for Fridorik for passing under yellow flag, and a warning for Veijalainen for not slowing for the yellow flag

44:52:54 – (SR) Vule chooses to just wait for the end of the race somewhere safe before passing the finish line...

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. Xtian - LFS.BE
4. Fridorik 20sec penalty
5. SLO_Knuckles
6. Hanziboy 10sec penalty no change in position
7. Salatoimik
8. [SR] Vule 30sec penalty + 2 warnings no change in position
9. SLO_Scatter
10. Jancis DNF
11. Stauffenberg DNF + warning not to pass before S/F line
12. Carl DNS
13. Wellington DNS

Season 11 Race 2 Points Results:

1. 13-Veijalainen
2. Fridorik
3. Xtian - LFS.BE 
4. Salatoimik
5. towz-T
6. SLO_Knuckles
7. Hanziboy
8. [SR] Vule 
9. SLO_Scatter
10. Stauffenberg 
11. Carl 
11. Jancis
13. Wellington

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