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One of the most difficult combo's..A small, Monaco like,wall circuit and a "a really want to flip" with no reverse car.. The MRT.
Practice race allready taught us that we needed to reduce the number of safety cars as our members did not manage to drive adult enough to drive arround this track without risking way to much..
Sad to see, we had to give way too many penalties and warnings ..  

Here is the report.



10:52.22 - TheBMWM1 crosses the pit exit lines... 20sec penalty

1. Juanjo 1:14.65
2. Antonio 1:14.96
3. Ernest 1:14.96
4. [SR] Vule 1:15.14
5. Salatoimik 1:15.62
6. 13-Veijalainen 1:15.75
7. StFin Jkl76 1:15.86
8. Son of Hanzi 1:15.98
9. Fridorik 1:16.10
10. SLO_Knuckles 1:16.79
11. Hanziboy 1:17.43
12. SLO_Scatter 1:19.99
13. Xtian - LFS.BE no time
14. TheBMWM1 no time
15. Wellington no time
16. SVIDAL! no time

Race 1 - 15 laps:

0:28.93 - SVIDAL crosses the track over into Wellington and it puts them both into the wall. They are able to recover without the SC... racing incident

0:41.25 - Salatoimik and Vule have contact going into turn 2, then cars start bouncing off of each other as the pack comes through. Vule ends up on his side needing the SC... 60sec penalty for Salatoimik as per Rule 11.16

1:38.86 - Hanziboy hits Son of Hanzi under SC when Son of Hanzi is weaving to warm tires. Son of Hanzi loses 6 positions. Hanziboy waits for Son of Hanzi to pass him, but Son of Hanzi passes cars while driving back to his original position... 30sec penalty for Hanzi and a warning to Son of Hanzi for passing cars under the SC

6:11.19 - TheBMWM1 uses reset when he is against the wall after turn 3... 2 lap penalty for TheBMWM1 as per rule 11.10

10:04.98 - Scatter hits the aarmco at turn 4 and flips his car. SC called...

13:09.85 - Vule (7 laps), Ernest (8 laps), and Veijalainen (8 laps) time out...

13:16.43 - Wellington hits Salatoimik when he thinks everyone is at full speed. SVIDAL and Fridorik also spin. Everyone is able to recover... racing incident

14:35.01 - TheBMWM1 hits Knuckles and causes him to flip his car. Knuckles has to call SC. Knuckles looks like he is going for the pits when he gets hit, heBMWM1 did not know that... race incident

19:30.10 - TheBMWM1 uses reset again at turn 4 after he got stuck against the wall... 2 lap penalty for TheBMWM1 as per rule 11.10

21:44.75 - Son of Hanzi doesn't check the minimap and pulls out in front of oncoming traffic. Vule hits Son of Hanzi and flips his car... Warning for Son of Hanzi to check the minimap before driving back into the racing line, and warning for Vule to slow down when the yellow flag pops up on your screen

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. Xtian - LFS.BE
3. Fridorik
4. Wellington
5. Juanjo
6. Antonio
7. StFin Jkl76
8. Son of Hanzi
9. Salatoimik 60sec penalty
10. Hanziboy 30sec penalty - no change in position
11. SLO_Knuckles
12. SLO_Scatter
13. TheBMWM1 20sec plus 4 laps of penalties
14. [SR] Vule DNF
15. 13-Veijalainen DNF
16. Ernest DNF

Race 2 - 30 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:38.92 - Juanjo goes for a dive bomb move at turn 2 and slides in front of Hanziboy. Hanziboy touches Juanjo and spins back into Knuckles sending his car into the wall backwards. Then there is a lot of bumper cars going on when the other drivers come around turn 2... warning for Juanjo for unsporting behaviour

1:30.15 - Hanziboy and Wellington make contact going through turn 6. Both cars spin, but are able to continue after the pack goes through... racing incident

1:55.01 - StFin Jkl76 hits Salatoimik in the rear when they both try to stop in the first pit box. StFin Jkl76 gets bounced heading into a garage stall. Instead of driving straight through the garage to turn around, he tries to turn too early and gets stuck in the garage. StFin Jkl76 leaves...

2:26.00 - Knuckles loses control after turn 4 and noses into the aarmco. SC called...

4:04.45 - Vule(1 lap) and Veijalainen(2 laps) lose connection...

6:28.94 - Son of Hanzi barely bumps ThBMWM1 in the rear going into turn 6, but it's enough to send both of them spinning around. Then BMWM1 lost 5 positions. Son of Hanzi has to call for the SC... 20sec penalty for Son of Hanzi

9:23.37 - Scatter and Juanjo touch going through turn 1 under the overpass. Scatter spins, a lot. Scatter is able to get turned around, but has to drive slow all the way around to the pits to repair broken left front suspension... racing incident and a warning to Wellington for not slowing down when the yellow flag was on

10:02.23 - TheBMWM1 crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

12:12.56 - Son of Hanzi taps Knuckles in the rear going through turn 2. Both cars spin into the wall, but Son of Hanzi is able to let his car roll back and get clear. Then Son of Hanzi tries to help Knuckles get his nose off of the wall by hitting the front of his car, but the they both get stuck instead. SC called... racing incident

18:29.24 - Xtian and Juanjo touch going around the bend before the S/F stretch after Xtian slightly bounces off the wall. Xtian ends up nosed into the wall and has to spectate because the 3 SC's had been used... racing incident

18:59.82 - TheBMWM1 taps Juanjo going into turn 2 and spins him around. Juanjo loses 1 position... 10sec penalty for TheBMWM1

20:48.14 - Son of Hanzi clips the aarmco at turn 3 and spins his car. He tries to turn around, but he gets stuck. He uses shift-p and re-joins the race instead of spectating like Xtian did... DQ for Son of Hanzi

27:05.12 - Son of Hanzi hits Scatter in the rear at turn 2 which flips Scatter's car. Scatter has to spectate... warning to Son of Hanzi for unsporting behaviour

28:37.41 - Son of Hanzi gets sideways before turn 4 and noses into the wall. This time he spectates...

38:53.55 - Juanjo and Salatoimik are having a good fight at the front until Juanjo clips the outside wall going to turn 1 and flips his car over into Salatoimik. They both lose control, but Salatoimik is able to continue and Juanjo has to spectate. Salatoimik has severe right front suspension damage from the Altercation... racing incident

41:11.40 - Knuckles loses control after turn 4 and noses into the wall. Knuckles uses shift-p and re-joins instead of spectating... DQ for Knuckles as per Rule 11.6

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Fridorik
2. Hanziboy
3. Wellington
4. TheBMWM1 30secs of penalties
5. Salatoimik
6. SLO_Knuckles DQ
7. [SR] Vule DQ
8. Juanjo DNF
9. Son of Hanzi DQ
10. SLO_Scatter DNF
11. Xtian - LFS.BE DNF
12. 13-Veijalainen DNF
13. StFin Jkl76 DNF
15. Antonio DNS
16. Ernest DNS

Season 11 Race 5 Points Results:

1. Fridorik 
2. Wellington 
3. Xtian - LFS.BE 
3. Hanziboy
5. Juanjo 
6. Salatoimik
8. Son of Hanzi 
8. SLO_Knuckles 
8. TheBMWM1 
11. StFin Jkl76 
12. Antonio
12. [SR] Vule 
14. SLO_Scatter 
15. 13-Veijalainen
16. Ernest 

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