r11 06_sThe 6th race was held on the Custom track AU1 and we drove with the fastest car there is, the UF1 .. yeah yeah the fastest car...
A nice track build by Xtian. A track with fast and slow corners and also some long straights..
But again some unneeded collisions and frustrations.. So again way too many penalties .. 
Again a call to all to have more respect to others ! 
Here is the race story.



1. Salatoimik 1:15.46
2. 13-Veijalainen 1:15.46
3. towz-T 1:15.62
4. Xtian-LFS.BE 1:16.03
5. Wellington 1:16.73
6. SLO_Knuckles 1:16.89
7. Hanziboy 1:16.93
8. Ernest 1:16.95
9. Fridorik 1:17.32
10. Sennaboy DNQ

Race 1 - 12 laps:

7:50.45 - towz-T tries to pass Wellington on the backstretch, but there isn't enough room. towz-T tries to brake when he sees he's going to hit the barrier, but it bounces the front of towz-T's car over into Wellington. Wellington slides sideways and recovers... racing incident and a warning to Wellington to watch his mirrors closer

8:09.15 - Wellington uses chat... 5sec penalty

Race 1 Finsh Order:

1. Salatoimik
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. Xtian-LFS.BE
4. towz-T
5. Fridorik
6. Ernest
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. Wellington 5sec penalty
9. Hanziboy
10. Sennaboy DNS

Race 2 - 27 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:55.42 - Knuckles gets hit by Ernest and spins. But to be fair, Ernest was pushed into Knuckles by Fridorik, who was still on the throttle. Ernest had lifted and had his wheel turned to the left to avoid Knuckles. Knuckles loses 7 positions... 30sec penalty for Fridorik

2:51.69 - Wellington gets hit in the rear by Fridorik in the last turn. Both cars spin. But then Wellington goes after Fridorik several times to hit him
for payback. Wellington lost 2 positions... 10sec penalty for Fridorik and a 10sec penalty for Wellington for unsporting behaviour.

4:34.87 - Knuckles and Veijalainen touch going down the front stretch. It looks like Veijalainen is moving to the left into Knuckles. Veijalainen spins when they make contact... 10sec penalty for Veijalainen.

10:10.80 - Xtian has mechanical problems and has to spectate...

10:35.55 - Xtian re-joins the race...

33:43.78 - Sennaboy tries to get the inside line away from Fridorik in the last corner. They make contact and Sennaboy spins when he bounces off of the barrier... racing incident

35:45.72 - Xtian uses chat before all drivers have crossed the S/F line... 5sec penalty

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Salatoimik
2. towz-T
3. Ernest
4. 13-Veijalainen 10sec penalty - no change
5. Sennaboy
6. Hanziboy
7. Fridorik 30sec penalty
8. Wellington 10sec penalty - no change
9. SLO_Knuckles
10. Xtian-LFS.BE

Season 11 Race 6 Points Results:

1. Salatoimik
2. 13-Veijalainen 
2. towz-T 
4. Ernest 
5. Fridorik
6. Xtian-LFS.BE
7. Hanziboy
7. Sennaboy
9. SLO_Knuckles
9. Wellington