r11 10_s

Last weekend we had a difficult race, and you could see it @ the number of racers too.
Only the ones brave enough made it to the track !!

The FXO is not an easy car to drive even on an easy track like Fern Bay Green.
It is a difficult car as you can easily overheat those front tyres. But even for a front powered car it is very loose at the back.

For the more slower drivers the low number of racers is a good opportunity to get some nice points.

Also this time not that many incidents. Gratz again for this ! But another reminder to wait on track if you push someone in the scenery !


1. towz-T 1:20.70
2. Fridorik 1:20.91
3. Xtian - LFS.BE 1:21.50
4. Hanziboy 1:21.79
5. Salatoimik 1:21.99
6. SLO_Scatter 1:24.69
7. SLO_Knuckles 1:24.77

Race 1 - 15 laps:

0:35.88 - towz-T and Xtian have contact when the rear of towz-T's car loses grip. Xtian tries to avoid contact by getting off of the throttle, but Xtian's momentum, plus the fact that towz-T loses speed, cause the both to
spin. Xtian waits for towz-T to get going again... racing incident

8:06.10 - Xtian has mechanical problems and has to disconnect to fix them, then he returns...

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. Salatoimik
2. towz-T
3. Fridorik
4. Hanziboy
5. SLO_Knuckles
6. SLO_Scatter
7. Xtian - LFS.BE 


Race 2 - 30 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

1:56.54 - Salatoimik barely touches Knuckles in the right rear corner as they brake for turn 1. That little touch sends Knuckles wide in the turn and he hits the tires... racing incident.. but should have waited !

22:14.25 - Fridorik loses connection...

22:37.00 - Fridorik rejoins the race...

34:02.47 - Hanziboy clips the tires at the turn 9 chicane and flips his car on its roof. SC called...

39:26.71 - Knuckles hits the curb at the turn 6 chicane and flips his car. SC called...

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. Xtian - LFS.BE
3. Salatoimik
4. Hanziboy
5. SLO_Scatter
6. SLO_Knuckles
7. Fridorik 

Season 11 Race 10 Points Results:

1. towz-T
2. Salatoimik
3. Hanziboy
4. Xtian - LFS.BE
5. Fridorik
6. SLO_Knuckles
6. SLO_Scatter 




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