r11 11_sA bit late but still before the new race tonight..  Busy days last week so no time to make the report.
Even if it was a rather clean race this time around too.

The FBM : lots of grip and a rather fast track. But you had to be careful with the front tyres.
And in the second race you could decide to refuel halfway and drive a lot lighter and so faster than the others during the 1st half of the race.
Refueling does not take that long and you had a lot larger acceleration out of the corners without all those liters of fuel.

Here is the race report :


1. Xtian - LFS.BE 1:20.81
2. 13-Veijalainen 1:20.94
3. Fridorik 1:21.29
4. Ernest 1:21.51
5. Hanziboy 1:21.55
6. Salatoimik 1:21.57
7. towz-T 1:21.90
8. Sennaboy 1:21.98
9. SLO_Knuckles 1:24.85
10. TheBMWM1 1:26.76
11. SLO_Scatter 1:27.90

Race 1 - 15 laps:

2:06.95 - TheBMWM1 slows more than Sennaboy expects at the turn 2 chicane and Sennaboy hits TheBMWM1 in the rear, no harm to TheBMWM1. But then Sennaboy hits the tires on the exit of the chicane... racing incident

10:54.56 - Scatter messes up again at the turn 2 chicane and goes on the track in front of Sennaboy, causing Sennaboy to hit the tires on the right exiting the chicane. Scatter didn't look at his map until it was too late... warning for Scatter and Sennaboy to watch the minimap before rejoining the race

11:31.20 - Sennaboy parks his car...

20:11.84 - towz-T hits the curb and tires at the turn 2 chicane and flips his car. SC not called since it is the last lap...

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. 13-Veijalainen
2. Xtian - LFS.BE
3. Fridorik
4. Hanziboy
5. Ernest
6. Salatoimik
7. SLO_Knuckles
8. TheBMWM1
9. SLO_Scatter
10. towz-T DNF
11. Sennaboy DNF

Race 2 - 30 laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:17.85 - Scatter doesn't go on the green. He couldn't get his car in gear...

4:57.22 - Knuckles gets a wheel off the track going to turn 5 and spins. Knuckles gets his car going, but not before Hanziboy comes through turn 5 and hits Knuckles, who is in the middle of the track. Hanziboy bounces off of Knuckles and goes airbourne, but his car does a barrel roll and he lands on his wheels... warning for Knuckles to watch his minimap before rejoining the race

5:18.34 - Salatoimik hits Hanziboy while slowing for turn 6. Hanziboy slides sideways on the track, but Salatoimik waits for Hanziboy to recover... racing incident

22:15.44 - Knuckles loses control at turn 6 and ends up stuck in the gravel trap. SC called...

29:24.98 - Salatoimik loses control on the straight going to turn 5 causing his car to slide and flip, but he lands on his wheels. Salatoimik tries to drive back to the pits with his badly damaged car, but he finally has to call for the SC...

32:24.73 - TheBMWM1 passed Knuckles before the S/F line... 20sec penalty for passing before the S/F line

32:39.87 - TheBMWM1 gets his right side tires in the grass going to the turn 2 chicane and slides sideways on the track. Scatter, Knuckles, and Salatoimik get caught up in the pile up... racing incident

45:35.00 - Scatter uses chat... 5sec penalty

45:36.97 - Scatter uses chat... 5sec penalty

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Ernest
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. Xtian - LFS.BE
4. Fridorik
5. Hanziboy
6. Salatoimik
7. TheBMWM1 20sec penalty - no change
8. SLO_Scatter 10sec penalty - no change
9. SLO_Knuckles
10. towz-T DNS
11. Sennaboy DNS

Season 11 Race 11 Points Results:

1. 13-Veijalainen
2. Xtian - LFS.BE
3. Ernes
4. Fridorik
5. Hanziboy
6. Salatoimik
7. TheBMWM1
8. SLO_Knuckles
9. SLO_Scatter
10. towz-T 
11. Sennaboy

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