r14 sRace 14.. We will remember it for some time.. as it had way too many incidents .. A race where you could win by being fast and error-less. Know where to pass someone and where not.. And keep it on the black stuff while being fast.  Some took too many risks and that resulted in a bit too many safety cars.. most of us could take advantage of those situations.  Those who were up front hated it..  We also had some who loved it when they could profit from it but then suddenly hate it when they were up front.. strange people ..
The fact that we had too many driver errors and Warning seems to have no effect, we have increased the number of races the warning stands from 2 to 4.  So watch out when you collect those. The Penalty for making the same error when a warning stands goes from starting @ the back and forced drive through at lap 1.. We hope this will result in cleaner races, taking less risks and with respect to the other racers.
The overview of the waning can be found under the "Warnings / Penalties" page.



1. Ernest 2:27.93
2. [SR] Vule 2:28.51
3. 13-Veijalainen 2:28.78
4. Salatoimik 2:29.46
5. Sennaboy 2:29.69
6. Fridorik 2:29.95
7. Hanziboy 2:30.72
8. TheBMWM1 2:34.61
9. SLO_Knuckles 2:36.05
10. Jancis 2:41.61
11. SLO_Scatter no time
12. towz-T no time

Race 1 - 7 Laps:

1:36.02 - TheBMWM1 comes into the corner way too hot using Hanziboy to slow the car down... warning for TheBMWM1 for unsporting racing

3:40.80 - Scatter passes Jancis at turn 2, but then the rear of Scatter's car loses traction and he slides in front of Jancis. Jancis tried to avoid by getting off the throttle, but there was still contact causing both cars to spin... racing incident

8:32.36 - Hanziboy goes for a pass on the left side of TheBMWM1 during a yelow flag situation. TheBMWM1 was getting ready to go into the pits for his drive-through penalty and they have contact... 30sec penalty for Hanziboy as per Rule 8.12

11:32.16 - Salatoimik goes off the track in the turn 3 uphill section. Then Sennaboy comes through, with the yellow lag flashing. Sennaboy goes for the brake, but he still hits Salatoimik in the rear causing Sennaboy's car to spin into the gravel where he gets stuck. SC called... warning for Sennaboy to slow for a yellow flag

20:29.55 - Ernest and Sennaboy both slide off the track at turn 9, no contact between them. Sennaboy is able to continue, but Ernest gets stuck in the gravel. Ernest calls for the SC, but the race is over... racing incident

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. [SR] Vule
3. Fridorik
4. Salatoimik
5. SLO_Knuckles
6. TheBMWM1
7. 13-Veijalainen
8. SLO_Scatter
9. Hanziboy 30sec penalty
10. Sennaboy
11. Jancis DQ for not pitting
12. Ernest DNF

Race 2 - 15 Laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:44.02 - TheBMWM1 moves to the right and makes contact with Hanziboy's front wing on the way to turn 1, which causes both cars to go off the track into the barrier... TheBMWM1 needs to be more careful, especially during the first corner of the first lap

0:44.20 - Salatoimik brakes to avoid Hanziboy and gets hit in the back by Fridorik, which sends Salatoimik into the gravel at turn 1... racing incident

5:27.26 - Scatter loses control in the turn 15 chicane and slides into the gravel. SC called...

16:23.67 - Sennaboy loses traction at turn 10 and tries to recover. Fridorik is right behind Sennaboy and gets bumped while Sennaboy is recovering. Fridorik slides into the gravel but continues. It was not intentional blocking by Sennaboy as he was trying to gain control of his car... racing incident

21:55.89 - Vule hits the tires going through the turn 15 chicane and flips his car. SC called...

23:15.38 - Vule resets without permission from the race cntroller... 1 lap penalty as per Rule 11.11. Penalty served during the race, no further action needed.

28:38.00 - Sennaboy's clutch is in the red and he can't accelerate normally. But instead of going around Sennaboy after the S/F line Salatoimik keeps hitting Sennaboy in the back. Then Salatoimik and Fridorik touch, which sends both cars in the grass. Salatoimik slides back onto the track and into Sennaboy and spins Sennaboy... 30sec penalty for Sennaboy as per Rule 8.16, warning for Salatoimik for unsportive behaviour

29:21.82 - Sennaboy stops on track and resets to get rid of his burning clutch... 2 lap penalty as per Rule 11.10.

35:18.29 - Sennaboy crosses the pit exit line... 20sec penalty

39:02.00 - Jancis uses shift-p instead of waiting for the reset command and re-joins... DQ

41:08.95 - Ernest spins at the turn 14 hairpin while leading, then he leaves...

43:11.08 - Hanziboy and Fridorik go through turn 8 side by side, but Fridorik loses traction and hits Hanziboy in the right rear while trying to recover. Hanziboy's car starts flipping and flies through the catch fence to the outside section of the track. The game retires Hanziboy... racing incident

43:13.25 - Sennaboy gets clipped by the slow car of TheBMWM1, which sends Sennaboy into the wall at turn 8... TheBMWM1 REALLY needs to be more careful..Warning for BMWM1 Unsportive racing, Sennaboy could consider slowing down under safety car too

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. towz-T
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. Fridorik
4. SLO_Knuckles
5. Salatoimik 30sec penalty
6. TheBMWM1
7. [SR] Vule
8. SLO_Scatter
9. Sennaboy 2 Laps + 50sec penalty
10. Hanziboy DNF
11. Jancis DQ
12. Ernest DNF

Season 11 Race 14 Points Results:

1. towz-T
2. Fridorik
3. [SR] Vule 
3. Salatoimik 
3. SLO_Knuckles
3. 13-Veijalainen
7. TheBMWM1 
8. SLO_Scatter
9. Hanziboy
9. Sennaboy
11. Jancis
12. Ernest




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