r11 15_sLast Race was with the gripfull FOX on the Westhill Track (WE1R) track.  A track with a lot of speed but also with 2 very difficult corners.. The first one and the one after the chicane.  If you're able to come out of it with a lot of speed you can carry that momentum with you for a long straight..  If you lose it there you lose a lot of speed in the next section.  But as always keep it on the black will result in a good position.
If you go off, it is almost impossible to fight back as the delta between the different racers is minimal on such a fast track.  The safety car is sometimes the rescue to come back. 

Hanziboy won first race and could win the second races too, after Vule collected a penalty for chatting during the second race and Towz-T ran out of fuel.

Hanziboy tributes his victory to a good and fast recovery of Schumi !



1. [SR] Vule 1:35.98
2. Salatoimik 1:36.08
3. towz-T 1:36.18
4. 13-Veijalainen 1:36.25
5. Xtian - LFS.BE 1:36.49
6. Fridorik 1:36.50
7. Hanziboy 1:36.72
8. Sennaboy 1:36.73
9. SLO_Knuckles 1:41.41
10. TheBMWM1 1:42.15
11. SLO_Scatter no time

Race 1 - 12 Laps:

0:32.63 - Fridorik goes into turn 1 too hot and touches the left rear of Veijalainen just enough to cause Veijalainen to lose traction. Fridork tries to avoid and gets his right side tires in the grass causing him to spin... Unsportsmanlike driving by Fridorik, be more careful in the first turn of the first lap.  Next time this will result in a warning !!

2:04.28 - Knuckles and Scatter touch wheels going through turn 10. Knuckles has to go wide and into the grass to recover, but keeps going... racing incident

6:07.93 - Salatoimik loses traction in turn 4 and is trying to recover when a faster Veijalainen comes through turn 4 and hits Salatoimik. Salatoimik's car spins, but Veijalainen waits for him to recover and keep his position... racing incident

7:11.09 - TheBMWM1 goes wide in turn 9 and gets in the grass causing him to spin and slide across the track into the gravel trap. SC called...

8:06.38 - Vule loses connection...

8:30.00 - Vule rejoins...

Race 1 Finish Order:

1. Hanziboy
2. Salatoimik
3. 13-Veijalainen
4. Xtian - LFS.BE
5. towz-T
6. Sennaboy
7. Fridorik
8. SLO_Scatter
9. SLO_Knuckles
10. TheBMWM1
11. [SR] Vule

Race 2 - 23 Laps - Reversed Grid Order:

0:38.03 - Salatoimik is a bit aggressive navigating traffic in turn 1 and bumps the back Of Scatter's car. Then Salatoimik gets back on the throttle a little too much and spins around on the track after getting his right side tires in the grass. When Salatoimik stops sliding he is right in front of Knuckles, who has no place to go and bumps the back of Salatoimik's car... Unsportsmanlike driving by Salatoimik, be more careful in the first turn of the first lap. Next time this will result in another Warning an so penalty !!

39:39.25 - Vule uses chat before every driver has finished... 5sec penalty

39:40.80 - towz-T uses chat before every driver has finished... 5sec penalty

Race 2 Finish Order:

1. Hanziboy
2. [SR] Vule 5sec chat penalty
3. towz-T 5sec chat penalty
4. 13-Veijalainen
5. Sennaboy
6. Xtian - LFS.BE
7. Fridorik
8. Salatoimik
9. SLO_Scatter
10. TheBMWM1
11. SLO_Knuckles

Seasonn 11 Race 15 Points Results:

1. Hanziboy
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. towz-T
4. Salatoimik
4. Xtian - LFS.BE
6. Sennaboy
7. [SR] Vule
8. Fridorik
9. SLO_Scatter
10. SLO_Knuckles
11. TheBMWM1



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