r11 18 sThe last race of the season with still 4 racers fighting for the 11th championship..

On top of the standing board we have Salatoimic  (127 Points) in second position we find Xtian (122 points) and in 3rd position we have 2 racers Vule and Fridorik (117 points)

Strangely enough we only had 4 racers.. Xtian was @ Lemans and Vule propably could not make it online after the nature disasters in his region.
We don't know why Salatoimic did not make it...

So only Fridorik was racing for the championship.. If he won he would be the winner of course..  And if he was second they would equally have 127 points..So then we needed to count the wins, 2nd and 3rd podium positions throughout the season...  Here is the race report with only one incident for using the chat channel.



1. 13-Veijalainen    1:37.36
2. Fridorik               1:37.72
3. Hanziboy             1:38.95
4. SLO_Scatter      1:41.45

Race - 35 Laps:

Clean race...

57:19.08 - Hanziboy uses chat... 5sec penalty

Finish Order:

1. 13-Veijalainen   
2. Fridorik       
3. Hanziboy             5sec penalty - no change in position
4. SLO_Scatter       

Season 11 Race 18 Points Results:

1. 13-Veijalainen
2. Fridorik  
3. Hanziboy  
4. SLO_Scatter

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