2013-11-17 192534 sLast Sunday we had the last race of the season.

With still four racers in the run for the lead we expected them all to be there.
But that wasn't the case.. only one made it .. Fridorik.

He needed to be first to be sure to win the championship.
When he would finish 2nd he would equal the 127 points of Salatoimic and then we needed to count the number of 1st, 2nd or even 3rd race positions throughout the season.

And guess what ??? Fridorik finished last race in 2nd position..


So here is the calculation to point out the winner of the 11th season :

Both 127 points . .Gratz !!!

Races won Ended 2nd pos
Salatoimic 2 3
Fridorik 2


So Gratz to Fridorik for winning the 11 the Season of the Liveforsoeed.be League !!

This card peronally and specially for this season,  autographed by F1 racer Riccardio is coming your way. It was signed 2 years ago during the World Series by Renault in Spa Francorchamps where he gave an F1 demo.  He was so kind to take the time to write something down for us.

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