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At 01 march we raced on the Westhill International (WE1) circuit with the FXR.
A Fast circuit with a stable car as the FXR is a 4 wheel powered car.

Only thing you need to take car of were the tyres..
Not a lot of racers.. Guess the fever still was on the hunt ?
Would also be nice to have more racers online during practice. Now we often see racers come online only for the race and disappear as soon the race is over.. coming online during the practice, giving advice, sharing setups would help the others to improve and turn the official race into more fun.

Can [WCL] J. Katila extend his race wins was the main question.
At first we thought he would.. Until he started chating before the race was over... 

As told Salatoimic had no time left to continue the admin role and Harabla joined the admin team. Harabla loved the long race reports we had some years ago so he blowed back to live.. Have fun reading them !!


No incidents or crossing the pit exit line

01 - [WCL] J.Katila (1:31:14)
02 - [WCL] J.A.Katila
03 - 13-Veijalainen
04 - Xtian
05 - Jancis
06 - SLO Knuckels
07 - Pink! Harabla

Race 01 - 10 Laps :

Turn 1: 13-Veijalainen manages to get a better start and overtakes [WCL] J.A.Katila before the first corner. Xtian on the other hand gets a horrid getaway and falls to 7th place.
Turn 4: [WCL] J.A.Katila is overtaken on the outside by Harabla, cars slightly touch on the way out, good close racing.
End of lap 1: Normal racing is presumed with [WCL] J.Katila opening a commanding lead of 2 seconds, whilst places 2-5 are all within 2 seconds of each other.
3:24:70: 13-Veijalainen has a bad entry into the final corner, compromising his exit and dives into the pits.
4:59:82 Race leader [WCL] J.Katila takes his mandatory pit stop and drops to 5th place, 4.4 seconds behind 4th place SLO Knuckels
6:13.93: Jancis outbrakes himself with overheating tyres into turn 9, sliding onto the gravel and losing 2 places in the process. Minor contact is also made on rejoining the track with [WCL] J.Katila. Deemed racing incident as contact is only minor; but reminded to be careful on rejoining the track.
7.12.66: Half race distance update. In the lead currently Harabla with a 3.28 second advantage over [WCL] J.A.Katila. Then there is a further 13 second gap to the championship leader [WCL] J.Katila, with SLO_Knuckles trailing right behind him. As the two leaders must still pit, it’s anyone’s race at this point.
8.07.46: J.A.Katila dives into the pits from 2nd place, and rejoins behind 13-Veijalainen who has already made his pitstop.
11:10:93: Leader Harabla makes his mandatory pit stop with a 16 second lead over J.Katila. This difference is not enough and therefore J.Katila takes the lead with 2.4 seconds.
13:05:57: The WCL team along with Jancis are really struggling to keep their front right tyre in check. Overheating is costing a lot of time and enabling Harabla to close up to the lead, and Veijalainen to secure 3rd from J.A.Katila
14:09:87 J.Katila makes a mistake out of turn 10, giving Harabla a chance to close up on the straight. Harabla takes onto the grass to try to pass while the cars scrub together. This mistake leads into a change in the lead whilst we turn onto the start-finish straight to start the final lap.
14:30:95: As the race enters its final lap J.Katila gets a drag from Harabla and takes to the inside for the first corner. This forces Harabla to back off the gas and J.Katila regains the lead.
15:18:27: Whilst defending his position J.Katila brakes early into the fast chicane, causing Harabla to run into the back of his car. This causes both cars to run wide with Harabla running through the tyre wall, giving Katila a 1 second advantage. This seals the deal and the two leaders cross the line with 0.35 seconds between them.

@17:01.26 : J.Katila chat (5 seconds penalty)
17:05.67 : J.Katila chat (5 seconds penalty)
17:24.20 : J.A.Katila chat (5 seconds penalty)

PLEASE REMEMBER: Respect other racers. You may have finished your race but if others are still running, please stay off the chat. This rule has been repeated multiple times leading to no reason for it to happen with our seasoned racers.

Race 01 result :

01 - Pink! Harabla
02 - 13-Veijalainen
03 - [WCL] J.Katila ( 10 seconds Penalty )
04 - [WCL] J.A.Katila (5 seconds penalty )
05 - Xtian
06 - SLO Knuckels
07 - Jancis

Race 02 - 30 Laps reverse start grid:

Turn 1: Jancis gets a terrible getaway and falls to the back from p1.
0:28.09 : 13-Veijalainen cutting the corner in the 1st corner confusion.. racing incident. Use the mirrors and shortcuts to look left en right !
0:39.55 : [WCL] J.A.Katila pushes Harabla of track .. racing incident.. Same remark, use shortcuts to look left and right !
Turn 4: Xtian runs wide leaving door wide open for J.Katila to take 5th place.
1:21:67 : Harabla coming in way to hot can't make the corner.. causing a cascade of incidents..Warning for Harabla.
2:00:00: After all the incidents on lap one the standings are as follows: SLO_Knuckles in the lead with Xtian 0.05 seconds behind as they cross the line. J.A.Katila is another 1.77s behind with Veijalainen 0.04 seconds behind him. Bringing up the rear are Harabla and Jancis with 2.83 and 3.89 seconds to the lead respectively.
3.00.19: J.A.Katila gets a better run out of the fast chicane and takes to the inside of SLO_Knuckles into turn 9. Runs wide but manages to make the pass stick.
3:50:06: Veijalainen makes his pit stop
4:15:10: SLO_knuckles runs wide out of turn 5, onto the grass and makes contact with the wall at 130kph. Surprisingly only cosmetic damage is done to the car and he recovers back onto the track.
4:54:23: J.Katila gets a run at Harabla into the last corner but gets squeezed onto the outside. He still manages to get a better run onto the start-finish straight and gets the move done into turn 1, moving up to 3rd place.
6:54:23: Harabla makes his pit stop.
7.41.41: On lap 5 the closest battle is between the two WCL teammates, with J.Katila challenging from J.A.Katila’s 2nd position.
9:40:40: Harabla gets another chance at passing SLO_knuckles into turn 9 while they both make a mistake out of the fast chicane. This time he manages to brake early enough and the outcome is a clean overtake, moving up to 4th place.
11:35:05: Start of lap 8 J.Katila has made it past his teammate and is challenging Xtian for the lead in turn 1. Xtian is able to fight off the offense for the time being, but runs wide into turn 2 and relinquishes the lead to J.Katila
12:16:49: J.Katila forgets to accelerate out of turn 8. Xtian takes the opportunity to retake first place. J.A.Katila also gets passed his teammate, dropping J.Katila into 3rd position.
14:39:24: As we enter lap 10 the 3 leaders (Xtian – J.A.Katila and J.Katila are separated by 0.31 seconds).
14:48.42 : Xtian is in front and takes the line there is to take if you want to take the corner at that speed.. [WCL] J.A.Katila is trying to do the same but from the inside @245 kmh. Not possible.. And takes out Xtian losing a lot of time.Again a not so clever move from[WCL] J.A.Katila while there are a lot more normel places to overtake. Warning for [WCL] J.A.Katila for unsporting moves.
16:12:92: Veijalainen gets a run at SLO_Knuckles into turn 9. The cars are still side-by-side in turn 10 and contact is made causing Knuckles to briefly lose control. Deemed racing incident.
15:54:83: J.Katila is slow on the back straight, letting Xtian and J.A.Katila catch up and pass him.
16:21:55: Starting lap 11. Xtian heads to the pits from the lead. He rejoins into 4th place, behind Harabla who has already pitted
17:58:16: J.Katila takes his pit stop. Harabla overtakes him into turn 1 and takes 2nd place.
19:47:68: J.Katila once again gets a run at Harabla into turn 1. This time he runs wide but manages to make the move stick through turn 2. The duo compete to battle for multiple laps, whilst keeping J.A.Katila within 15 seconds.
31:17.11 : [WCL] J.Katila catches up to lap SLO_knuckles at a bad point in the track, the cars collide with Knuckles ending up in the wall. This slows J.Katila significantly allowing Harabla to overtake and move up into 2nd place.
33:10:55: Harabla runs wide out of the fast chicane, allowing for an easy overtake by J.Katila for provisional 2nd.

Race 2 result :

01 - [WCL] J.Katila
02 - Pink! Harabla
03 - 13-Veijalainen
04 - [WCL] J.A.Katila
05 - Xtian
06 - Jancis
07 - SLO Knuckels

Total result

01 - Pink! Harabla 
02 - [WCL] J.Katila
03 - 13-Veijalainen
04 - [WCL] J.A.Katila
05 - Xtian
06 - Jancis
07 - SLO Knuckels








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