r12 01_sLast Sunday saw the first race of our new season 12, based this year on touring cars only, with the nibble XFG front wheel car on the twisty track of Aston Cadet as the hors d'oeuvre. We were glad to welcome some of our regular contestants but also a couple of new comers who made this race very competitive. We also took the opportunity to welcome Salatoimic as our new working admin, following the health issues that Slo-Scatter had to face this summer. We send to Slo-Scatter all our wishes for a fast and complete recovery. Same wishes go to Slo-Knukkle who had a severe motorcycle accident this summer and who will not be able to join us this season too. Get better guys !
This also means that this year, we will have to rely more on your comments and complains rather than the full comprehensive reviews that Scatters used to do. If you have any complains regarding the race, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within the next 48h after the race.

Season 12 - race 1 - XFG@AS1

Qualifications :

No penalty.

Pole by by newcomer [WCL] J.Katila with a smashing 1:03:30

Race 1:

no yellow, no reported/spotted incident:

Race 1 finish order

1 [WCL] J.Katila
2 Xtian - LFS.BE
3 Salatoimic
4 [SR] Vule
5 Mostafa/reveng/1
6 13-Veijalainen
8 Stijn
9 Patrick
10 [WCL] J.A.Katila

Race 2:

1.18 13-Veijalainen forces his way inside Xtian - LFS.BE and sends Xtian - LFS.BE spinning. 13-Veijalainen does not slow down or wait. - Xtian loses 2 position resulting in a 10 seconds penalty for 13-Veijalainen. Please be careful in the first laps and if you cause an accident, you have to take responsibilities and wait for the victim to recover and let him go first.

1.21.19 Mostafa/reveng/1 crosses the track - maybe to try to avoid Stijn who had to slow down - and crashes into 13-Veijalainen, sending 13-Veijalainen spinning. Salatoimik cannot avoid collision with Mostafa/reveng/1 and crashes hard into his car.
13-Veijalainen loses 3 positions
Salatoimik does not lose position.
Mostafa/reveng/1 disconnect

Warning for Mostafa/reveng/1 for dangerous driving. Disconnecting will not solve the problem. Races are long this season so everything is possible even if you spin or crash at the beginning of the race.

3.46 13-Veijalainen not in a good night, hits the tyres inside last turn and flips over. Safety car is called.
[WCL] J.A.Katila leading in his first race with us reacts but not immediately. Please, as soon as the "safety car" message is displayed, the leader has to safely slow down to 30 kph and everyone rejoins in a single line behind him. You can watch the video on our webpage for further details.

32.36.02 [WCL] J.A.Katila bumps into JANCIS and sends him spinning. JANCIS was 2 laps down and not giving way to blue flag. Please, when you are 2 laps down, do not fight for position with cars that are fighting for podium places. Let them pass in a safe spot, like the long straight. you will lose less time and take less danger by just slowing down in the long straight lines to let the faster cars pass you rather than try to match their speed on the straights only to have to deal with a faster car on your tail in the twisty sections.

No other yellow / reported incident

Race 2 finish order

1 [WCL] J.Katila
2 Salatoimic
3 Stijn
4 Xtian - LFS.BE
5 [SR] Vule
7 [WCL] J.A.Katila
8 Patrick
9 13-Veijalainen - 10 sec penalty - no change
Mostafa/reveng/1 DNF - warning -

Global results and points for the evening

1 [WCL] J.Katila 
2 Salatoimic 
3 Xtian - LFS.BE 
4 SR] Vule 
6 13-Veijalainen
7 Stijn
8 Patrick
9 [WCL] J.A.Katila 
11 Mostafa/reveng

Welcome and congratulation [WCL] J.Katila for a first but very strong win !


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