r12 03_s

The third race of this season was held on the same track with the tricky front wheel drive FXO.
[WCL] J.Katila comfirmed another pole position with an impressive time of 0:51:67
The session brought no incident except for a redundant connexion issue for Ernest and the come back of bruised SLO-Knukles. Welcome back !

1 [WCL] J.Katila  (0:51:67)
2 13- Veijalainen
3 [WCL] J.A.Katila
4 Ernest
5 Xtian-LFS.BE
6 Hanztboy
7 Salatoimic
8 Jancis
9 SLO-Knukles

Race 1:

0:13:30 Hanzyboy moves on the grid and gets a stop and go penalty.
0:16:00 Ernest still has connexions problems and choose to spectate then leave.
0:51:99 Hanziboy makes a defensive move towards Salatoimic but misjudges the distances and sends him into the wall. Salatoimik fortunately does not lose position.
3:53:40 [WCL] J.Katila receives a drive through penalty for excessive speed in the pits.
6:53:96 SLO_Knukles forgot about the yellow line during his long absence - 20 sec penalty.
8:21:06 (lap 9/17) Ernest rejoins.
15:51:44: Ernest loses connexion before he can cross the finish line

race 1 finish order

1 [WCL] J.A. Katila
2 [WCL] J.Katila
3 13- Veijalainen
4 Salatoimic
5 Xtian-LFS.BE
6 Jancis
7 Hanzyboy
8 SLO-Knukles , 20 sec. penalty does not change the positions.
9 Ernest (DNF)

Race 2 reverse startgrid

0:43:01 Salatoimic close the door on 13-Veijalainen who spins into the wall and loses 4 positions. 20 seconds Penalty for blocking following last week's warning.
1:22:02 Salatoimic jumps into the pit area right in front of ernest's, blocking him on his way out in a very unfair way. - Warning for blocking and unsporting attitude. Salatoimik does not get away with it as he gets pushed sideways by ernest trying to exit his spot, and he has to lose some time to get out in his turn.
4:30:60 Xtian-LFS.be crosses exit line - 20sec penalty
4:32:68 SLO_Knukles miss the chicane and ends up sitting on track, xtian-LFS.be fails to avoid him and spins,warning for not slowing down under yellow.
8:42:15 SLO_Knukles still can't remember about the yellow line rule - 20 sec penalty.
12:12:91 SLO_Knukles should give way to Salatoimic lapping him but the car touch, no harm done. Please respect blue flags when faster car laps you.
21:24:22 SLO_Knukles ... yellow line, - 20 sec penalty.
28:15:90 SLO_Knukles bumps into JANCIS has he exits the pits. JANCIS waits until SLO_Knukles recovers. race incident.
38:49:80 Ernest loses connexion (lap 43/50)
44:27:00 SLO_Knukles bumps into 13-Veijalainen has he is lapped. 13-Veijalainen hits the wall but does not lose any position and crosses the finish line seconds later. Warning for general lack of caution under blue flags .

race 2 finish order

1 [WCL] J.Katila
2 [WCL] J.A.Katila
3 13- Veijalainen
4 Salatoimic + 20 sec + warning
5 Xtian-LFS.BE + 20 sec + warning
6 Hanzyboy
7 Jancis
8 SLO-Knukles + 40 sec. penalty does not change the positions. + warning
9 Ernest (DNF)

Season 12 race 3 final standings:

1. [WCL] J.A.Katila 1/ 10+2 = 12pts
1. [WCL] J.Katila 1/ 10+2 = 12pts
3. 13-Veijalainen 3/ 6+2= 8pts
4. Salatoimic 4/ 5+2=7pts
5. Xtian-LFS.be 5/ 4+2=6 pts
6. HANZIBOY 6/ 3+2= 5pts
6. JANCIS 6/ 3+2= 5pts
7. SLO_Knukles 8/ 1+2=3pts

Ernest 75% run but DNF 2 presence points as he did an effort to come back again and again !

See you next week on sunny fern bay, still burning those front FXO tyres.

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