R12 12 sSo glad we have found the time to make the report before we had a new official race on our hands.  But not that glad history owns that race.. We have had a lot of stupid incident mainly because some members did not know some simple rules.. So please know the most important rule there is.  When competing this league your therefor say .; I'm intelligent enough to understand those rules.  Not a lot to ask, as they are very simple to understand.  Thank You !

And now .. Let's race !!


Qualify :

1:39:9 J.A.Katila passes pit exit line but he aborts his outlap and restart with a clean exit

1. J.Katila (2:12:78)
2. Ernest
3. Harabla
4. 13-Veijalainen
5. J.A.Katila
6. Hanziboy
7. Knuckles
8. MrHamSandwish

RACE 1 : 

0:32:65 Ernest get sandwiched between Veijalainen and Harabla, sending the first in a spin and hitting J.A.Katila. Probably not due to Lag. Deemed race incident.
0:55:52 following the general confusion, J.A.Katila loses control and crashes into Ernest. Deemed race incident.
1:10:87 Hanziboy then fails to take the chicane and bounces back onto Ernest's path. Ernest keeps the pedal to the metal despite the yelow flag alarm and slams headfirst into Hanziboy's behind. Then he spectate and disconnect. <- bhoo ! DNF so no penalty needed.. But he still had a warning. Penalty : Ernest has to make a forced drive trough after the first lap of next race.
2:40:65 Knuckles spins, alone.
6:47:77 J.A.Katila crosses pit exit line - 20sec Penalty
I did not spot any other incidents.

Race 1 results:

1. J.Katila 13.54.29
2. Harabla 14.12.90
3. MrHamSandwhish 14.14.51
4. 13-Veijalainen 14.21.65
5. Hanziboy 15.00.15
6. J.A.Katila 15.39.44+20= 15.59.44 (no change)
7. Knuckles 16.08.36


J.Katila rejoins after the start. Hanziboy misses the first braking zone but only goes for a grass expedition on his own.
7:35:79 T.Savilaakso fly off the curb and land his car on its side in the sand, and disconnect instead of calling safety car.
16:54:39, Hanziboy touches the grass and spins. Stuck in gravel, he has to call the safety car. J.Katila then leader goes on around 100kph instead of waiting for the pack to rejoin. J.A.Katila, 2nd far behind, him, reduces speed to 30 kph instead of rejoining the leader. After a moment, they both drive at 30 kph one on each opposite side of the circuit. Please know the rules, it is a basic form of politeness when joining a community.  Eventually the group is gathered up and we get ready for the restart.
20:56:70 when green is finally given, J.A.Katila spins out fo track, all 4 wheels on the grass, and he is passed by the pack before the start/finish line, correctly because he was NOT racing anymore but crashing.
21:08:11 at green, Ernest has some very severe connexion issues, causing him to suddenly appear in front of Hanziboy who cannot avoid collision. (At least that what I see in the replay ?) Hanzi's brand new car is busted again, Ernest limps into the pits for what one might think would be repairs but enters a session of drift instead. Then spectate... and disconnects.
27:36:30 Knuckles crosses pit exit line - 20sec penalty
34:22:00 Hanziboy is back in the gravel box. safety car has to be called out. MrHamSandwish reduces speed to allow the pack to regroup.
38:45:07 Green is given and J.Katila jumps on the throttle, passes 2 cars illegally before the start-finish line then takes out the leader car, MrHamSandwish ,and Knuckles. J.A.Katila proceed to get away too, passing 2 cars illegally to take a phoney 1rd place. In the confusion, Harabla gets stuck in the sand and abandon the race ruined for most everyone by the WCL team who still have a pending penalty from last races for unsporting behaviour. - DQ for J. Katila.
42:04:70 J.A.Katila pit in full throttle and gets a stop and go penalty then crosses pit exit line - 20 sec penalty
47:32:36 Knuckles about to be lapped by a very unlucky MrHamSandwich pulls a gilles villeneuve that sends the leading car spinning in the wall. J.Katila takes back a first position on lap 19/20. ?
49:21:50 while Knuckles recovers from a figure in the tyres, Hanziboy passes 13-Veijalainen under yellow, as he has no where else to go but let's 13-Veikalainen pass again.

Finishing order race 2 :

1. MrHamSandwish 50.27.44
2. 13-Veijalainen 50.55.45
3. J.A.Katila - no change on 20 seconds penalty
4. Knuckles 2 laps no change with penalty
5. Hanziboy 3 laps.
-  J.katila DQ


Final race result :


1. MrHamSandwish1
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. J.A.Katila
4. Knuckles
5. Hanziboy
6. Harabla
-  J.katila DQ


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