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Race 10 we raced on the Westhill international racetrack with the FXR. Here is the report.




1:25:00: SLO_Knuckles crosses pit exit line
3:46:08: SLO_Knuckles spins on his outlap in the last chicane.
5:29:47: [WR]C.Corns chatting while chat closed
End of qualifying standings

1. [WCL] J.Katila 2:14.32
2. PINK! Harabla 2:15.02
3. 13-Veijalainen 2:15.39
4. PINK! MrHamSandwich 2:16.89
5. [WCL] J.A.Katila 2:17.68
6. Xtian – LFS.be 2:19.22
7. Hanziboy 2:20.94
8. SLO_Knuckles 2:26.46
9. [WR] C.Corns 2:34.68

Race 1:

Lap 1:Xtian doesn’t use his turbo off the line and loses out to the rest of the field. Hanziboy takes over 6th place while C.Corns challenges Xtian for 7th into the first corner. Xtian holds out with the inside line. Further up the field Harabla gets a good launch from second place and takes the fight to J.Katila. Katila defends his position well by squeezing Harabla onto the grass.
Turn 5: Knuckles gets deep on the way in and bashes through the tyres.
Turn 6: Harabla gets a run at Katila out of turn 6 using slipstream on the long straight. Into turn 7 Harabla has the inside line and Katila puts a wheel on the grass and slides wide. J.Katila rejoins the track in 3rd place behind 13-Veijalainen.
The battle for 4th position also heatens into turn 6. J.A.Katila runs a little wide opening the door for !PINK MrHamSandwich to get alongside him. The two exit the corner side-by-side and head into turn 7. Finally by turn 9 MrHamSandwich squeezes ahead.
Turn 9: Meanwhile in 2nd place 13-veijalainen puts his back wheel on the grass exiting turn 9. Not being able to correct he loses control and crashes into the inside wall. He rejoins in 8th position.
End lap 1: To round up the action J.A.Katila dives into the pits, Xtian also follows suit.
2:53.32. 13-Veijalainen gets a run on Hanziboy down the start-finish straight. As Hanzi runs wide in turn 1 Veijalainen takes the opportunity to take 5th position. Coming into the next corners Veijalainen brakes early into turn 3, and Hanzi attempts to take the place back. This only ends up as a collision as Veijalainen does not see him coming, and Hanzi hits the back right side of Veijalainen’s car. Race incident
With everyone settling down for the race the standings on lap 2, sector 1 are as follows:

1. Pink! Harabla
2. [WCL] J.Katila +1.16
3. PINK! MrHamSandwich +3.05
4. [WR] C.Corns +6.64
5. 13-Veijalainen +12.82
6. Hanziboy +15.07
7. SLO_Knuckles +27.98
8. [WCL] J.A.Katile +28.48 [Pitstop]
9. Xtian +31.05 [Pitstop]

4:12.45:[WR] C.Corns runs wide out of turn 12 hitting the wall at 100kph. Minor damage is done to the left side of the car, and he rejoins the track in 5th position.
4:38.05: Xtian makes the exact same mistake as C.Corns only 20 seconds before him. Xtian gets spun around and joins to the back of the field.
5:34.32: C.Corns and Hanziboy make their pits-stops at the end of lap 2. Hanzi decides to fix all the damage to his car at this point, dropping him to last place and 32 seconds behind the 8th place SLO_Knuckles.
5:49.45 Knuckles runs wide out of turn 1, is unable to make 2 and ends up on the sand outside of turn 3. While rejoinin he T-bones C.Corns sending him flying. The next car incoming to the corner (J.A.Katila) also hits Knuckles. Surprisingly all cars only suffer minor damage . 20 seconds penalty for Knuckles
6:51.33 Knuckles makes a mistake coming out of turn 8; puts his wheel on the grass and collides with the wall. At the same time C.Corns loses control entering turn 9. C.Corns loses 1 position and is now in 7th place.
7:13.84: Up in front PINK! Harabla chooses to take his mandatory pit stop, releasing J.Katila into the lead.
9:40.49: A lap later to his teammate, PINK! MrHamSandwich makes his pitstop. He rejoins back in 3rd position.
10:27.30: Hanziboy loses control to a weird driving error and runs wide outside turn 15.
11:09.53: C.Corns joins spectators.
11:13.91: Turn 12 takes another victim. Harabla runs wide and hits the wall putting an end to his dreams of keeping ahead of J.Katila after the pitstops.
11:47.15: J.Katila turns into the pits from the lead.
12:36.35: Harabla releases his teammate into 2nd place with a mistake out of turn 4.
13:39.79: Yet another mistake in turn 12 by Harabla. Luckily the distance to 4th place 13-veijalainen is enough to keep his podium.
13:56.32: Another curious error by Hanziboy making him lose control of the car on the straight leading to turn 2.
15:36.94: speaking while chat closed: J.Katila. 10 seconds penalty and a warning starting from race 13 not to make the same mistake

Race 01 result : 


1. MrHamSandwich
2. J.Katila + 10 seconds penalty
3. Harabla
4. 13-Veijalainen
5. J.A.Katila
6. Xtian
7. Hanziboy
8. SLO_Knuckles + 30 seconds penalty



1:35:50 Mr.HamSandwich goes it a little too far inside the curb and smashed headfirst into the wall barrier without interfering with other racers and with minimal damage
1:40:90 with cold tyres and lots of fuel, Hanziboy gets on the ground but manages to not hit anyone.
5:33:43 SLO_Knuckles enter the sand trap at the end of the main straight but manages to exit.
6:16:80 J.A.Katila loses it and collect a lot of damage. He manages to enter the pits for repairs after numerous spins.
11:21:30 Xtian made a bad tyres choice and leaves the fight. he spectates (lap 5 of 20)
13:29:30 C.Corns suffered a lot of damage and is hardly kept on the road but does not interfere with other cars
20:50:60 Ernest who spectated from the start of the race rejoins (lap 9/20) only to spectate a moment after then rejoins in and out (lap 11).
24:51:99 Knuckles crosses the pit exit line as he literally crashed out of the stands. 20 seconds penalty
26:20:17 MrHamSandwish crosses pit exit line : 20 seconds penalty
27:54:00 Harabla makes a move on J.Katila for first place but both cars touch and harabla is sent crashing into the wall. Difficult to tell the responsibilities... race incident.
37:29:37 Ernest crosses pit exit line :  20 seconds penalty
40:45:22 Hanziboy gets blueflagged by Harabla who has been leading most of the race but in an effort to get out of the way, hanziboy's car gets sideways and just clips the back of the leading car, sending him in the sand with heavy damage. O . MY . GOD :D Harabla has to pit in for repairs. 20 seconds penalty for Hanziboy

Race 2 results prior to penalties

1. J.Katila
2. 13-Veijalainen
3. Harabla4
4. MrHamSandwich
5. C.Corns +1lap
6. J.A.Katila +1lap
7. Hanziboy +3laps
8. SLO_Knuckles +3laps
9. Ernest : 10 laps ran.

Race Result : 


1. J.Katila 
1. MrHamSandwich
3. Harabla
4. 13-Veijalainen
5. J.A.Katila
6. Hanziboy
7. SLO_Knuckles + 30 seconds penalty

Did not run 80% of the race :

Xtian and Ernest


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