r12 13_s Race 13 .. unlucky number 13 .. But for Veijalainen it was just the opposite when he was racing the FZR that day.. No disconnections on his part and he was fast  on the new Westhill international Track now WE2..  The new design of the track makes it a lot more technical and fun to drive.  It toke me a lot of laps to understand (a bit ) how to take the corners. The chicane is a lot longer now but way more difficult to..  to chanllenge to let the rear tyres do what the front did.. is very difficult..  but here it is .. Race number 13.


The lack of yellow line on the new version of this track makes the review of qualifications lighter than usual.

2:29:30 Hanziboy will not go very far on his first hotlap as he bites the curb on the first lefthander and plants his car in the gravel pit. He manages to escape after a long minute of digging.
7:54:90 MrHamSandwich spins out of control on his second hotlap and goes straight back into pits.
9:59:55 a very lucky Ernest passes the line for his second hotlap just 2 seconds before the end of the session.

Qualification results

1 13-Veijalainen 1:51:17
2 MrHamSandwich
3 Harabla
4 Ernest
5 LFS.be Xtian
6 Hanziboy
7 Knuckles

Race 1:

For once this season we have a clean start and a clean lap one.
1:44:12 Harabla bites the grass and spins without interfering with the other cars.
4:30:90 Ernest loses connection (lap 3/10) and rejoins at 5:29:34 (still lap 3/10) only to disconnect again a little later.
6:6:44 LFS.be-Xtian gets a drive-thru penalty for excessive speed while entering pits. (damn tacho showed 56 so I let the brakes go and it jumped back to 86)
7:51:49 Knuckles loses control and spins in front of Xtian and Harabla. Xtian cannot avoid collision. race incident.
12:35:68 After an intense battle with Harabla, Hanziboy goes wide in turn one and bounce off the barriers.
12:48:80 about the same time, MrHamSandwich who has to cope with red hot rear tyres lands in the gravel pits and get stuck. Safety car has to be called out.
18:03:33 Hanziboys wants to keep his tyres in temperature but it costs him his 3rd position when he loses control just before the green is given.
18:31:33 Harabla is also victim of cold tyres just as green is given and goes from 2nd to last.
23:02:44 Harabla's damaged car goes for one last spin just before the finish line
23:46:33 Unaware that MrHamSandwich unlapped himself in the last moments of the race, Hanziboy uses chat. 5 sec penalty (no change)

Race one finishing times

1 13-Veijalainen 22:20:65
2 LFS.be Xtian 22:22:21
3 Hanziboy 22:26:60 + 5sec = 22:31:60
4 Knuckles 22:34:92
5 Harabla 23:11:00
6 MrHamSandwich 24:30:69
7 Ernest DNF

Race 2
A very long but very clean race where I could not spot any incident, except for a few small isolated mistakes, probably fatigue induced.

race 2 finishing times

1 MrHamSandwich 56:31:37
2 13-Veijalainen 56:33:65
3 Harabla 57:46:74
4 LFS.be Xtian
5 Hanziboy
6 Knuckles.

combined positions:

1rst : 13-Veijalainen 10+2=12pts
2nd : LFS.be Xtian 8+2=10pts
3rd :  MrHamSandwich 6+2=8pts
4th :  Hanziboy 5+2=7pts
4th :  Harabla 5+2=7pts
6th :  Knuckles 3+2=5pts


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