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Here we are again on the new Westhill track .. The more I race it, the more I like it !!
We were not with a lot of racers but still we had a clean and nice race.. Love them !

Beter to have aclean race with a few racers then a fucked up race with a lot  !




Nothing to report

Qualify result :

1 Veijalainen (1:50.76)
2 Sert Draxa
3 Xtian
4 Stivenp
5 Hanziboy
6 SLO_Knuckles

Race 1

Stiven can't get his car ready at the start.
Good start for the rest of the field and no turn one incidents again.. We finally end up with the pro's at the end of the season !! Nice !
0:34.55 : Xtian goes a little to deep into trun one losing momentum and his 3rd place to Hanziboy
What follows is a close but clean fight between Hanziboy and Xtian.
2:26.35 : On the straight Xtian can dive into the slipstream of Hanziboy and takes his third position back at turn one.
2:50.66 : At turn 5 Hanziboy knows he is mostly faster then Xtian but does not need to be as Xtian goes wide again almost losing it. And for sure loses his 3rd place back to Hanziboy.
Lap 3 : Xtian has closed up to Hanziboy once again.. Hanziboy is making the one mistake after the other watching way to much to Xtian in his mirrors.
Hanziboy knows Xtian is way faster the him and let Xtian pass to concentrate on his own race pace.
5:03.63 : Stiven finally get's his car ready to race. He has some catching up to do.
Lap 4 : Veijalainen has already build up a gap of 7.89 seconds on Sert Draxa, 17.33 on Xtian, 17.91 on Hanziboy.
9:17.88 : After only driven 2 laps Stiven drives back into the pit. Stil something wrong with the car ?
10:39:44 : Hanziboy can close the gap again to Xtian. A new battle at hand? Error.. Xtian is indeed faster and slowly moves away into the distance again.
14:04.64 : SLO_Knuckles loses it in the chicane. He waits until leader Veijalainen passes him to return to the race track, what does not go so easily and has to wait again for Sert Draxa to pass before he finally can return to the back stuff. On the next laps he also gives enough room for Xtian and Hanziboy to pass him while lapped.
31:55.86 : Leader Veijalainen comes in for his only pitstop, also switching his tyres as we learned in previous practice race it is almost impossible to drive the complete race distance on one set. At least not if you want to stay competitive.
32:42.59 : Second racer Sert Draxa also dives into the pits for a short time not changing his tyres.. Bold decision !
36:22.83 Also Knuckles dives into the pits for repairs and changes only his first tyres. While waiting for repairs he turns of his speed limiter.. Strange. With the speed limiter of his indeed collects a drive through for speeding in the fast lane. Next lap he collects the penalty.
40:20.19 : Over halfway race at the end of lap 21 Xtian was closing onto Ser Draxa but also was closing at the end of his gripfull tyres.. losing it at the last turn before diving into the pits for fuel and 4 new tyres.
41:16.89 : Also Hanziboy dives into the pits for fuel and 4 new tyres.
42.29.68 : Hanziboy is lapped by the Veijalainen still leading this race.
52:27.64 : Veijalainen has a lead of 36.39 seconds on Sert Draxa already.. and then he loses the connection..
56:42.96 : Veijalainen reconnects and rejoins the race.. Previous laps still count of course, so nothing is lost. Meanwhile Sert Draxa is still on the same rubber turning slow laps around the 1.56, while Xtian is turning laps of 1.52 as he did changed the tyres. It could be close @ the end of the race.. But still has a comfortable lead of 45 seconds on Xtian.
No further incidents towards the end of the end of the race. Xtian could closed the gap up to 19.19 seconds. Still catching up to Sert Draxa with 4 seconds/lap.

Race report :
As Veijalainen disconnected with a lead of 36.39 and did changed his tyres he would have one the race and this is also how we see this. so the final result is :

1 Veijalainen 12 ponts
2 Sert Draxa 10 points
3 Xtian 8 points
4 Hanziboy 7 points
5 SLO_Knuckles 6 points
Stiven DNF

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