r12 15_sLast race we were ready to close the 12th season.. A close battle between Veijalainen and [WCL]J. Katila the fast guys winning almost every race in the first part of the season and then were bored of it.

Veijalainen only was 2 points behind.. so only completing the race for 80% was enough to be equal ending at least 8th positions crowns hims as 12th season champion.
If he does he can chose one of the screenshots we've made from him during the season. cartonist Xtian will transform this into a Unic piece of art 

We were not with that many racers that day.


Hanziboy could not make to the qualify session on time.
No incidents to report.

Very close battle for pole as the front 3 racers are only 11 hundreds from each other !

13-Veijalainen 2:15.35
Harabla 2:15.43
Pin! MrHamSandwich 2:15.46
Xtian - LFS.be 2:17.12
SLO_Knuckles 2:22.43


We only have one long race that evening with a good and clean start. Hanziboy just made it to the start and spins his wheels from last position. 

10:55:30 Mr Hamsandwish touches the back of Veijalainen's car. Both cars are deported into the barrier and suffer damages, Harabla, 3rd takes the opportunity to take the lead. Race incident.

21:30:80 Veijalainen slips across the chicane entering the oval, he does not hit the wall but burns his rear left tyre in the process. Hanziboy who's car is already heavily damaged due to controller problems, manages to avoid collision but bends what's left of his car into the oval wall.

23:58:40 Knuckles exit the pits and bites the yellow line penalty 20sec.

24:30:00 Harabla touches the grass and hit the wall, Mr.Hamsandwich takes the lead.

Xtian did a tight math for the fuel consumption and waits on the line to spare a last lap that could be a lap too much.

Race Result :


1 MrHamSandwich 12 pts
2 harabla 10pts
3 Veijalainen  8 pts Making him the Champ of season 12 !! GRATZ !!
4 Xtian 8 pts
5 Knuckles 6pts
6 Hanziboy classified last due to multiple disconnect/reconnect  5 pts

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