ROC 2015_s

Some weeks ago we had the RAC race. A nice fun track to drive with the LX4.

No pressure and a lot of fun. The Champion of this season was already know as Veijalainen took that title this year.

So no pressure and also nothing to report as we were there with only adult racers, keeping it clean but competitive.

Watch the replays if you want to know how races should be driven.

The winner of the event was TDRT A. Kongshavn and won to chose one of the combo's of next season.

He chose that new season should have the FXR driven on the Aston National track (AS3)


Qualify :


1 - TDRT A.Kongshavn (1:03.79)
2 - 13-Veijalainen
3 - MrHamSandwich
4 - Hanziboy
5 - SLO_Knuckles

ROC total result 

1 - TDRT A.Kongshavn
2 - MrHamSandwich
3 - 13-Veijalainen
4 - Hanziboy
5 - SLO_Knuckles 

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