Hi racers,


We have some time off as the number of race participants were lower by the month.
Seems the developers still believe in the game and keep making those updates as they did again this week with 0.6Q

I wonder when the Sirocco will come :) 

But even without the Sirocco it would be nice to get that wheel from under the dust test those new updates.

In the past we always raced at Sunday evening. But for most of the admins the Sunday has began to be difficult.. So we would like to organize some races during the week .. The question is what day of the week would fit for the most of you ??

So we started a poll of our forum so you guys could tell uw what day of the week would be best.. The day with the most votes would be our new race evening.

We will exclude the Friday do as this is difficult to.

Hope to get a lot of votes out there.  Also vote even if you can't race write now but could rejoin in the future.

You can find the vote here : http://belsimracing.proboards.com/thread/791/best-evening-race

Cya on track !

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