Season12 s


If it is still Summer but it feels already like autumn .. Then you know the start of the new season isn't far of !!

So we are proud to announce the 12th season of the international league !!!

So we are very proud we could keep it up this long.  But there are reasons for that..
And this is because we do have a good reputation of clean races.. No fooling around, as those racers are banned on the spot  !
We also have our Safety Car procedure to keep a high number of racers on track and to bring back the action.

So we're back to start a new season and this time we to leave the one seaters for one season and concentrate on the more touring car liked cars.

As always we try not to change to much between the races so you can grow into a car or track.

We have 2 breaks during the season.. during the winter and Easter holiday so every student can prepare for the exams and can celebrate with the family afterwards.  

During the break we will have some open races on Sunday where everybody is allowed.

All races are held in private sessions.  So Subscription is needed !!!!
Information on how to register can be found on

Also don't forget to read and understand the rules, specially the Safety Car rule.
They can be found on the front page in English, Dutch, German, French and Finnish

And why compete ?? First of all to have fun !!! But also to win a personal designed cartoon from our Admin Xtian.. In real live he draws incredible nice racing cartoons and already published a lot of racing comic books :  So win this season and he will draw one of the screenshots you chose into a nice comic poster to send to you !!  A real collectors item !

We are proud to present the 12th season calendar !!!  Hope you join and .. enjoy it !!!


Nr Date Car Track Laps   Laps
1 28 Sept 14 XFG Aston Cadet (AS1) 15 Laps 40 Laps
2 12 Oct 14 XFG Soth City Classic Reverse (SO1R) 15 Laps 45 Laps
3 26 Oct 14 FXO Soth City Classic Reverse (SO1R) 17 Laps 50 Laps
4 09 Nov 14 FXO Fern Bay Green Track (FE2) 11 Laps 35 Laps
5 23 Nov 14 XRT Fern bay Green Track (FE2) 11 Laps 35 Laps
6 07 Dec 14 XRT Kyoto National Reverse (KY2R) 8 Laps 20 Laps
Winter Break
7 18 Jan 15 XFR Kyoto National reverse (KY2R) 08 Laps  25 Laps
8 01 Feb 15 XFR Westhill International (WE1) 08 Laps 25 Laps
9 15 Feb 15 RB4 Fern Bay Rallycross Green (FE6) 40 Laps 40 Laps
10 01 Mar 15 FXR Westhill International (WE1) 10 Laps 30 Laps
11 15 Mar 15 FXR Kyoto GP Long Reverse (KY3R) 06 Laps 20 Laps
12 29 Mar 15 XRR Kyoto GP Long Reverse (KY3R) 06 Laps 20 Laps
Easter Break
13 26 April 15 XRR Westhill International (WE1) 10 Laps 30 Laps
14 10 May 15 FZR Westhill International (WE1) 40 Laps -
15 31 May 15 FZR Kyoto Long GP Reverse (KY3R) 30 Laps -
16 14 June 15 LXR Carpark ROC Chanllenge 02 Laps -


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