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 The following members claimed a special place in the league.

Not only are they nice respectable drivers on track, But they also found we are doing a good job at and wanted to support us.

They used the donate buttonto show this appreciation. Or payed for services needed to run this league.
Or they did a large job for the league without asking something in return.

And no, sorry, by donating you don't deserve credit or a better treatment on the track.. There your are on your own...

Also thanks to the sponsor(s) .. current or in the past!!

Thank you :

  • SLO_Scatter (Admin Function)
  • Sennaboy ( Admin Function)
  • Hanziboy (Admin Function + donation)
    Xtian ( Admin Function+ donation)
  • Jyuetsch (donation)
  • [ITA]Lucky (donation)
  • Miro Tuutij√§rvi (donation)
  • Fridorick (donation)
  • 7Karat towz-T (donation)
  • QServerHosting (CG >>nl2day)
  • Salatoimic (admin fuction)
  • Harabla (admin function)


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