During the vacation we have had terrible news from SLO_Scatter that is health would not allow him race and would not be able to perform his function as admin.

First of all we would like to express our high appreciation towards Mike for the years of helping us to admin the league and do hope his health will improve very soon !

So during the summer we were looking for a new admin.. With a lot on vacation very difficult to accomplish.
As it can happen that Xtian and myself would not make it for a race we were searching for the members who were online for the highest number of races during season 11.
It has no use to chose an admin who is not online most of the races
So we contacted Fridorik, Salatoimic, Veijalainen, Vule and Knuckles..
We did not received an answer from some. Knuckles has some health problems to and Fridorik was not sure to if he would keep on racing LFS but luckily Salatoimic was happy to join the admin team..
So I like to welcome Salatoimic to the admin team.
His function in our league will be to admin the race when others can't make it.
Review the race and inform the rest of the admins so we three can decide what actions to take for the incidents
After writing the final report I can put it on the website/facebook
And one can edit the standing page.

So Thank you SLO_Scatter for the years you helped us and welcome Salatoimic !

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