This pages gives us an overview of the standing penalties and warnings for a racer.

A warning :

When a racer makes an error against the rules, like unsportsmanlike racing, it is possible that the racer does not get a penalty right away, but gets a warning first.  Because we are giving penalties does not motivate racers a lot.
But when that same error is made in the next 2 races, he will get a penalty!!

A Penalty :

Most errors made by racers are noticed after the race..  If severe enough, the racer collects a penalty for the next race.

Given penalties are :

Starting from last position.  No qualify for this racer.  If more then one racer gets this penalty they do qualify and are put behind manually before the start

Forced drive through at the end of Lap 1, so don't take this penalty later in the race. It has to be taken before the completion of the first lap.

We are not a league that searches to give a penalty, and mostly they are only given after a complaint from another racer.  A complaint has to be written to the admin by e-mail within the 48 hours after the race.  It will then be investigated by the admin.  Not every complaint results in a sanction.


 Starting from Race 
Unsportsmanlike driving. Taking to much risk causing others to crash
 Salatoimic Race 09
    Harabla Race 10
    [WCL] J.A.Katila Race 10
Resuming race after collision without watching for approaching traffic
Not slowing down on yellow, overtaking on yellow
Not leaving enough room during Qualify
Ignoring Blue Flag situations
Way to slow connection . Fix it to prevent lag !! 
 Restart Qualify sessions after hotlap
Executing penalty the wrong way. (ex. drive through)
Not waiting for other car you pushed of in collision
Closing the corner to racer next to you, don't leave enough room    Veijalainen Race 09 























Start last on the grid, don't qualify

Forced drive through before completing L1










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