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  • When in 2007 the VRL stopped hosting LFS races we, Hans Vandale and Danny Verbeke, held a meeting and by the end of march 2007 Belgium Sim Racing was born.
  • Sennaboy from Fleetstreet payed for 2, 24/7 online LFS servers that could host 16 and 14 clients and we could race again !!
  • Hanziboy from Petss also started the forum so all discussions about the new league could be held here.
  • Petss payed for the hosting and url and some days later, all administration for the website was out of the way... and so also the website was born with the name
  • For the first months we were a strictly dutch/French league, but to attract more members, we changed to an International league with members from the US, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, etc... and changed the main language in English.
  • On 21 June 2008 the admin was enforced by Xtian and so we have 3 administrators making it more possible to ensure every race can be organized
  • At 1 august the new website transfer was complete and we are now officially recognized by  We now operate as
  • 5 september 2008 : Sennaboy gives up as admin for personal reasons.  We thank him for the years of support he gave us!!
  • 7 oktober 2008 : SLO_Scatter joins the admin team.  He will review the races, adjust the standings, help us on the language, be a backup to host the race... Welcome !
  • 01 juli 2014 : SLO_Scatter leave the admin team due to health problems. Thank you Mike !! Was nice to have you on board!
  • 27september 2014 : Salatoimic enters as new admin member. He will review the races, adjust the standings, be a backup to host the race... Welcome !
  • 09 march 2015 : Harabla replaces Salatoimic as admin member.. Same function. Glad to have him on board as he re-introduced the long race reports .. Welcome !
  • We organize official 2 races per month. And 2 practice races a month.  So we have a sequence of an official followed by a practice race and so on...every Sunday at 20:30CET.
  • So or main purpose is to organize LFS based races.
  • Our main goal is to give every racer, yes also rookies, a chance to compete in races were they may drive with respect.
  • Having fun and especially fair play are the leading goals this league stands for!!
  • So if you want to join us you can follow the procedure under the "registration" button.

Love to see you ALL on track very soon !!

Hanziboy - Xtian - SLO-Scatter


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